Nov. 24th, 2003

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Spoilers, but probably not anything you'd care about.
But first, here's a funny story: They finally brought my new washing machine today. And while they were delivering it, they left the door open and a big brown cat wandered in. Snape was already hiding under my bed, as she does when the maintenance people come in. So the cat just walked around and went into the kitchen and ate Snape's food. I just let it, since there wasn't a lot of food down there. Then when it had finished, it stood there meowing for more. I ended up having to herd it outside.

And now, the spoilers for various shows and stuff:
Ahh, lots of gay stuff on my TV lately. First, the new Simpsons episode, with the above quote (the Subject, I mean). And the bits with J.K.R. and Sir Ian were great. Struck me as a bit of an unoriginal joke (the Macbeth thing) but I still liked it. And I liked, in response to Lisa's question about what's going to happen at the end of Harry Potter: "He's going to grow up and marry you. Is that what you want to hear?" "Yes." And I liked all the James Bond stuff. And starting sentences with contractions. Then, there was Malcolm in the Middle, where Malcolm says he's probably gay. Though he wasn't serious.

Then I stayed up to watch QAF. And I was like "there'd better be some sex in this one" y'know, to make it worth staying up for, because I was tired. And there was. Imagined Ben/Michael and then Brian and Justin, though not with each other. (Ehh, it probably makes more sense if you've seen it).

Then this morning, because [ profile] mahwlee mentioned it, I rented Total Eclipse. Since I had to take the day off work to wait for the washing machine. The sex really doesn't compare with QAF but I'm not one to turn down frontal nudity. And it was a good movie. Ah, Verlaine. So vulnerable. So tragic. So I would never make excuses for his behavior if he weren't portrayed by the dreamy David Thewlis.
...From some site I found that I can't really read because it's in French:

He does look like Leo DiCaprio. LOL. And "click here" in French is "cliquez ici." I like that. Too bad I dropped French after 8th grade. But I can muddle my way through the site. That's not too bad.
But isn't that sweet? Verlaine drew a picture of him.
Some odd thoughts on the movie:
- I loved David's line "I don't like getting drunk. I mean, I like getting drunk; I don't like being drunk."
Edit: I got the quote a bit wrong. It's actually "Don't think that I like getting drunk. I mean, I do like getting drunk; I don't like being drunk." OK then.
- my, that woman who played his wife was well endowed.
- ditto David.
- I don't get it with them both having tumors. Does absinthe give you cancer? I don't see anything about him having cancer in his biography.

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