May. 23rd, 2004

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I might go to the gym today. They have a class at 9:00 that's supposed to be "boot camp style." Which doesn't sound all that appealing but I called up the gym to see exactly what it is and the instructor was the one who answered. She sounded pretty mellow. So I don't think she'll be calling us maggots or anything. But I'm a little sore from yesterday. I was thinking of maybe just doing cardio today. Or maybe just sitting around eating chocolatey cereal. Whichever.

I was thinking of submitting something to [ profile] andropotterist's Men in Uniform challenge, but another challenge has been put up and I don't know if there's a deadline for them. I have a good idea but to do it well will take a while.

Genetics conference )

Then after the conference, I walked to the Downtown Plaza mall to buy shoes. I needed some running shoes because all I have are some crappy sneakers I got at Payless for $6. So I got some good shoes, for ten times that much. One the way to the mall, I walked through the park around the capitol building and I could hear a protest going on. I went to check it out, in case it was something I agreed with and I could join in. I didn't join in. It was a protest against gay marriage. It made me feel ill, walking past those fuckers with their "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" and "God created male and female not gay and lesbian" signs. And I couldn't even give them the finger because the tricky bastards had brought their children along. And flipping people off in front of their kids might make our side look bad. Just a little. At the mall, I tried to find a rainbow shirt or something (ideally a flag but I didn't think I was likely to find that at the mall) so I could piss them off on the way back. But I couldn't find anything. It's just as well, though, because by the time I came back, they'd gone.

When I got back to Davis, I was going to Jamba Juice and I saw Nicole! With her boyfriend. And she wants to see PoA at midnight! Yay! And I phoned Jackie when I was up in Sacramento, because she lives in Rocklin, and she was busy yesterday but we're going to have lunch today. I'll see if she wants to see Troy or something. I want to see Shrek 2 but I think it's going to be hard to get tickets for that.
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I went to the gym. The boot camp class was nothing like the boot camp classes I've seen on TV. They should just call it conditioning. More people would go. Or maybe fewer people would go.

I found out the on-site daycare place is closed on weekend mornings. No wonder people don't come to the weekend morning classes. That's dumb. There were only two people in this class today. I thought I might stick around for the step class but then I thought "nahh." I don't know why step and spinning are more popular that cardio kickboxing and this thing I went to today.

I like my new shoes.

I might see Shrek 2 today, if Jackie wants to see it. I think she will.


May. 23rd, 2004 06:42 pm
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Shrek 2 was sold out so we saw...

And before the movie, we had pie. And I'm going to the gym again because seeing movies like that makes me yearn to look all buff and kickass like Brad Pitt.
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Before Troy, there was a preview for some movie about King Arthur, starring Clive Owen, who bugs me a little, and Keira Knightley, who bugs me a whole lot. And she's another one of these skinny-ass actresses playing a grrl-power, let's have the movie bend over backwards demonstrating how she's as tough as the boys instead of her simply BEING as tough as the boys without having to make a big deal about it characters. I don't like those. I like Lara Croft. She didn't have to say "I am no man" or ...whatever Keira's Guenievre-in-drag-as-Braveheart says in this one. Yeah, that's right: she's Guenievre. I don't recall Guenievre being a Celtic warrior in the original myth.

At least they didn't do that too much in Troy. spoilers )

If they want real positive female characters from history and myth, why not make more movies about Elizabeth I? Or Boadicea? She was pretty badass, from what I hear. Or Artemis? Or Athena? Instead of taking somewhat more familiar characters and trying to turn them into postfeminist modern gals. That's just pandering to an audience that wants to go home telling itself that feminism is irrelevant now and that women are biologically predestined to be weaker, less intelligent and less capable than men but they can do neat-looking things and have one-liners that put the men in their place, all while wearing skimpy outfits and that's what really matters (I'm not referring to Troy here. Two hours of men in skirts, many of them short, is fiiiiiine with me). It sends people home with the message that there weren't really any women in history who stood up for themselves or did anything important and we have to make things up and pretend there were because of those commie PC feminazis taking over the country. (If only.)

Where's Xena: The Movie when we need it? Yeah, they screwed around with the mythology in that but that's not what it was about. It wasn't meant to depict the mythology, it's just fantasy using some mythological characters.


There was also a preview for Spiderman 2. I never saw the first movie. I liked the Spiderman cartoons but the movie didn't look that appealing. But I was sitting there watching the preview thinking "yeah, whatever," and then Alfred Molina busts out with the robot octopus shit and then I'm thinking "OK, Alfred Molina is officially awesome." So I'll probably catch that on video.

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