Apr. 1st, 2011

gmonkey42: Spock looking like "WTF?" (douchebaggery)
Today's Dr. Phil show is about "Secret Regrets." One guest was a 21-year-old who had an abortion about a year ago. Her shitty, cheating boyfriend pressured her to abort when she had an unplanned pregnancy and then broke up with her a month later and she regrets having had the abortion.

Dr. Phil said some sensible stuff but he concluded by saying she could deal with her guilt by working for a crisis pregnancy center or otherwise going around telling people that nobody should be allowed to have an abortion because this one person regrets having had one.

But let's consider what the alternative would have been: this immature 20-year-old would have had a baby with her shitty, cheating boyfriend who would have left her anyway. Is that better?? Her whole story just screams to me that it's a very good thing she didn't have a baby. And maybe the fact that she feels like her boyfriend, who treated her like shit all along, made her do something she wasn't comfortable with, maybe that has more to do with her regret than the fact that she had an abortion.

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