Apr. 9th, 2011

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So [personal profile] florence_craye convinced me to star using my Dreamwidth account. I'll try this crossposting thing. I'm still going to read my LJ f-list and participate in LJ comms. But LJ keeps having problems and I don't like the way they do business. I had already let my paid account expire earlier this year (I really don't need all those icons). I'm importing my LJ posts here so they'll be saved but that operation is still pending.*

So the purpose of this post is mainly to make sure this x-posts to my LJ.

AND the secondary purpose is to say:
I saw the Penny Arcade strip and thought "what's MagiQuest?"

It's a LARP for kids and you can buy a bunch of merchandise. That's some genius marketing. I looked at their web site. ...I kind of want this potion rune pendant. It has a volumetric flask on it!

In other ridiculous-things-that-I-nonetheless-kind-of-want news, I also kind of want this unicorn shirt by the same company that made Three Wolf Moon.

* eta: WHOOOOPS I should have read the news post first. OK, looks like the posts from my LJ won't import for a while. No worries.
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I have a few of you on my DW f-list already but: I'm going to start using both LJ and DW. If you have a DW, please comment so I can add you over there!
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One of my smoke alarms has started chirping. It's always hard to tell which one. I have to get the stepladder and stand right under it and wait a few minutes until it chirps again.

And I was about to go to sleep. I think I'll leave it until morning, unless the chirping wakes me up. ...I don't even know if I have a 9V battery, I think I'll have to buy one. Argh.

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