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I have a pain in my shoulder but my dives were both only 40 feet - the second dive was about an hour but I had a 2 hour surface interval and I started the 2nd dive in group C, with 105 minutes of bottom time available. I did a kickass kickboxing class Thursday night that included weight lifting so that makes it harder to tell. Also it was tricky lifting my tank out of its holster thing on the boat and I might have hurt my shoulder a little doing that.

But there's still an acute pain there so I called DAN for advice. They had me move my arm around and see if it hurts more or less in different positions - it doesn't. So they said it doesn't sound like DCI is likely but to call back if I have any concerns. OK then! Glad I don't have to go to the emergency room and possibly have them assemble the volunteer decompression chamber team. We're lucky to have a chamber right near here in Pacific Grove but it's 100% volunteers.

Anyway, I'll take some Ibuprofen and I should be fine. On to the fun part! I was doing my annual recertification with Reef Check CA with my housemate, H. Like most Reef Check dives, we got a free boat dive (well, they ask for a $20 donation to help cover the cost but that's way cheaper than a regular dive boat charter would cost). We were in wetsuits as usual. The water was about the usual temperature (~50°F) but it was cool and windy on the surface and that made it worse. H. got pretty cold. She finished her fish count and returned to the boat on the second dive. I was OK and did my fish count too (the instructor was with us, H. didn't abandon her buddy!) but we were both shivering when we were back on the boat.

One of the Reef Check instructors has two drysuits she's looking to sell so she gave us her card. That's cool. I keep thinking it's time to get a drysuit. And they're expensive so a decent used one would be great. On a warm day, a wetsuit is fine but it's hard on a day like this when you can't really recover your body heat between dives.

We saw a lot of critters. There was a cabezon that I missed :( They're easy to ID because they have the little eyebrow tuft things. I saw a lot of painted greenlings - they're not on the survey so I didn't have to count them. I also saw a few kelp greenlings on someone else's transect. There were also 2 decent sized schools of fish, one of blue rockfish and one of striped perch.
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