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I finished making my costume today! In amongst studying for my midterm!

The shirt and skirt are both store-bought: the shirt a long-sleeved tee from Old Navy that I've had for a while and the skirt I bought specifically for the costume, from Ross for $6. I shortened the skirt, re-did the neckline on the t-shirt with plain black broadcloth and some leftover interfacing I had, and added the shiny science insignia and rank stripes. I decided to go with "Commander" because 1) two stripes are fancier and 2) if I want, now I can be girl!Spock :D

closeup of makeup behind the cut )

I've ordered a TOS science tricorder too. That should arrive in about a week. I hesitated because it's $40 but then I saw a pic of [ profile] mijan as Bones with one and it looks awesome and I want one.

ETA: haha, I just realized you can tell I took the second one in the mirror. It's hard to take a picture of myself. The camera has a timer but I have to balance it on something then try to push the button without moving it.
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This post is super cool! I've done the gaping-buttons fix on polo shirts but I haven't tried inserting vertical darts yet; that one will be very useful. Why do they make the buttons come so much lower on women's polo shirts anyway? They put three buttons on men's polo shirts and six or more on women's. Why? Just in case you want to undo all the buttons for Girls Gone Wild? Seriously, the bottom button is at the level of your solar plexus, nobody would walk around with them all unbuttoned and nobody's head is that large that they'd need to undo all the buttons to put the shirt on. So I sewed them up so only the top three buttons can actually be undone. It worked out really well. I can't sew by hand, I have to use the machine but on a machine it's really simple. I can see darts would be a little more tricky because you have to make them symmetrical but I think I can handle it.

In other sewing news, the dress is nearing completion, except for the dreaded zipper (I've never done a zipper before). Maybe I'll get to that this weekend; the sewing machine and ironing board are sort of cluttering up the living room. I could set up in the kitchen instead but then I wouldn't be able to watch Scrubs.
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Now if only I had $600 to waste on a single item for a costume.

crafty post

Jan. 7th, 2008 09:22 am
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I finished my cable knit wrist warmers. Matching dark-purple goth nailpolish sold separately.

My cold is worse today and I'm almost out of lotion-y tissues :(
I feel like Strong Bad.
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I've finished my other prop: Magical Me! Plus you can see a preview of my costume in the cover photo. large image behind the cut )
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I've almost finished making something cool for my costume. I'll probably post a picture tonight. I spent all day yesterday working on it and watching South Park (the working on it involved a lot of hour-long periods of waiting for glue and paint to dry). I did the final gluing step this morning, then I'll do two coats of varnish.

I went to the craft store a few days ago and got a box shaped like a book, but I'm undecided whether to make a Magical Me (or Voyages With Vampires or whatever) to carry around. It's big enough to contain a small notebook, writing implements, wallet & phone but if I put any papers in they'd have to be folded. Yeah, I think that'll work. I seem to remember having a lot to carry around in my Lumos tote bag but I can't think what it all was. I'll need to figure out a little clasp to put on so my stuff doesn't fall out.

If I do make a book, which one should it be? Ooh, I'll do a poll!
[Poll #1015953]
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The coat is all done except for the buttons. I've also done a pajamas outfit for the late-night movies, and I got the idea to make a mini-me teddy bear to go with it. I like the idea of Gilderoy buying his own merchandise and being comforted by a teddy bear that looks like himself. Here's the bear:
Gildeylocks! or something )

I'll practice making buttonholes today - I've never done that before - and I've got a bunch of navy material that goes with the pants so I can make a cape. I'll wear it on one shoulder like this:
so it won't cover too much of the coat.

It's definitely book!Lockhart I'm going for - I just had to buy the material when I saw it and frankly I don't think movie!Lockhart's clothes are garish enough anyway. I hope it works. I think it'll be obvious whom I'm meant to be. That's the important thing. It can be hard for people going as school-age characters because unless you're someone with a really distinctive look, like Harry or Draco, it's hard to tell you're meant to be a specific character rather than just yourself as a student. And I think I have more leeway with Lockhart because he had so many different outfits in the movie. It would be harder to go as the book versions of Snape or McGonagall for example, because they always wear the same outfits in the movies. Which bugs me. Snape's movie outfit is very nice but I refuse to believe he has a closet full of identical black suits and nothing else.
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It's a Ren-faire bodice thing. Apart from a very simple skirt I made for a costume once, this is the only thing I've sewn. I've decided to learn to sew more.
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Haven't got a Peter Pan icon to go with the title so here's Tom Riddle. Anyway.

I just learned how to knit cylinders - big ones on circular needles and little ones on double-pointed needles!

Now I just have to learn how to make buttonholes and those wrist warmers will be mine!

And then: Snape-style black fingerless gloves.

Man, my hands are going to be so warm.

ETA: er, it would help if I remembered that I'm using smaller needles and thinner yarn than in the pattern. Well, as long as I don't need to have circulation in my thumb, these'll work. Heh. Nah, I haven't gone too far, I'll just knit backwards to the hole and make it bigger. I can't do frogging properly; I have to un-knit each stitch. Ah well.

On the plus side, I've figured out that I can just do the buttonholes for finger holes too, and actually have fingerless gloves, not just wrist warmers. W00t. No, what am I thinking, that won't work. Because how would I connect the two sides (like the front and back)? Oh well. Open wrist warmer thingy it is. That's still pretty cool.
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Being both crafty and a geek...

I want to get better at knitting and maybe learn crochet too. Preferably for free.

So in case any of you mods are looking ;) I'd say I'm an intermediate knitter. I mostly make scarves because I can do that without thinking, while watching TV or something but I've also made a bag and a hat. A very big, floppy hat because I had the wrong weight of yarn and I thought I accounted for that enough in my modified pattern but apparently not. I also enjoy things that involve paint. And glue. And occasionally x-acto knives. And baking, if that counts. I've been thinking I'd like to learn pottery too, so I can make cool bowls and stuff. I did a little in art class in high school but there were only 2 wheels and the teacher kept bugging us to work on our portfolios so I didn't get a lot of practice.
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The rest of High Times: Pot Luck had better be damn good.

I don't know why but I spent a lot of the weekend watching an odd combination of movies. Friday and Saturday, it was Mulan II, Tripping the Rift disk 1 and Reefer Madness (Alan Cumming!). Reefer Madness was awesome. The songs are still stuck in my head. Mulan II was "meh." Tripping the Rift kicked ass but I liked the original Six (I think her name was actually "Sex" then) better. With the glowing eyes. Do you all know what I'm talking about? In about 1998, we could share files with other computers in the dorm network and I found this animation starring Chode, the gold robot (can't remember his name), Sex and Darth Bobo. Then recently, I saw they'd made a TV series on the Sci Fi channel based on it. With the addition of the lizard nephew and the four-legged pilot. Anyway. I like it.

Then on Sunday, I returned those (I just got a new membership at Hollywood video because Blockbuster is absolute crap) and got The Ten Commandments, Cleopatra and Pot Luck. I watched the first 15 minutes or so of Pot Luck, until Jason Isaacs died and I turned it off. Then I watched The Ten Commandments. I started watching Cleopatra but I got tired and went to bed. In amongst that, I spent $50 at Michael's. I intended to get knitting needles, since I managed to misplace every pair I already own the last time I moved (I think they're at my mum's house). I actually got to the register and chatted with the customer ahead of me for a while before I realized I'd forgotten to get the needles. I got beads, yarn, candles, a candle stand and a so I can burn a candle without Snape burning herself on it. Probably other stuff too that I'm forgetting. That doesn't sound like $50-worth of stuff. Oh! I also got a circular metal tin so I can put Christmas fudge and stuff in it to take to work. Last year, I made peppermint bark for the guards. I think I'll go back next Sunday (with the Sunday coupon! I don't get a newspaper so I didn't have one yesterday) and get another tin.

click for more about knitting )
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Harry and Fluffy. You just have to see it. For a split second, I was like "where'd they get a three-headed dog?" And I'm a biologist... anyway, somebody put a lot of effort into dressing up their dog. I mean, maybe it's not, like, movie-grade professional looking but it's good for home-made.

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