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I had my test tonight and I got my high yellow belt! (There's a low and a high of each belt color.) I thought I was going to test last week but the scheduling didn't work out. Actually the head instructor wasn't there tonight - I think he has a respiratory thing, he was losing his voice last week - but the assistant instructor decided I could test with her. That made it easier, I wasn't as nervous as last time because she's not quite so demanding.

Since I was supposed to test last week, they already had me start learning the low orange techniques. So I know four of those. I think there's a new kata to learn too. The techniques all have crazy names. I just learned Rising Knee, Three Hands of China, Crashing Daggers, and... I can't remember the name of the fourth one. Three Hands of China involves punching your attacker so hard they poop their pants :D Oh, I remember the fourth one, it's just Two-Hand Wrist Grab. Some of the names aren't as fun as others.

So I had my private lesson, then group class, then testing; about 2 hours total. Woo! Time for sleepy now.

Shou Shu!

Feb. 16th, 2010 10:09 am
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I need a martial arts icon. I went to my first class at a dojo in Monterey last night. My tiny-yet-super-badass friend from the lab goes there. She's done Krav Maga for years but there wasn't a Krav Maga school nearby so she's started Shou Shu instead and she's been raving about it so I decided to go. I like it! One of the instructors is a young woman so that's cool too.

It's very different from Tae Kwon Do. The instructors had to keep reminding me to relax about every 30 seconds. It didn't help that I haven't done much martial arts for about 6 years and I was nervous, on top of my body automatically wanting to do the more rigid TKD stances. Shou Shu is much more practical than TKD, it's all about self-defense in real life. Whereas TKD is very formal and there's a lot that would be totally useless in a real fight. Still, things like knowing how to throw a punch and watch your opponent's body language to see what they're going to do next are definitely useful.

It's weird being a beginner but sort of not. It's the same with my molecular biology class, I have to resist the urge to put pressure on myself and expect to do everything perfectly because I have prior experience. I worry that other people will have that expectation. But if they do, they're dicks. So there.

I'm going again tonight if I get out of the student body meeting in time.
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This is long so I'm going to use the cut tag.

hurting my foot:
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Sexism in Western Literature:
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I've decided I need to put more stuff in my journal if I want anyone to read it. So... stuff... the thing is, I'm not really doing anything at the moment besides working on my website. I got my green belt in Tae Kwon Do. I like sparring. Now my classmate Kiki has a low green belt (one rank below mine) so she can start sparring now. That's cool. I need more people to spar with. My friend Sina started at the same school pretty recently and he just got an orange belt. Orange belts aren't allowed to spar.

Dang, I just called up the teacher credential program where I'm applying and what they said was pretty discouraging. They never got one of my letters of recommendation, so I just e-mailed the professor so he can fax it to them. And they said it'll be really competitive this year, which would normally be ok but I have no teaching experience. I just finished university! They came to campus to recruit people and it was only after I applied that I found out that the program really isn't aimed at people who just graduated, it's aimed at people who've been substitute teachers for several years. They told me on the phone today that it'd be a good idea to get a job substitute teaching immediately. Well screw that. They also said, and this pissed me off, that everyone whose Subject Matter Competency (CSET) scores hadn't come in yet (and I fall into that category) would normally have been rejected but this year they're holding the district hiring conference later than usual, so they'll consider us. The recruiter guy who came to the UCD career fair assured us that we could take the test in March (when I took it) and we'd still get in. Dammit. Stupid crappy job market. And that headhunter who called me about two weeks ago offering me a possible job opportunity in a biotech company has never replied to my e-mails.

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