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2010-11-16 07:57 pm
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statistics: you're doing it wrong

As seen on Feministing: a survey by has been erroneously interpreted to show that the average age at which gay people in Britain come out has fallen by more than 20 years. From the linked page:

The poll, which had 1,536 respondents, found that lesbian, gay and bisexual people aged 60 and over came out at 37 on average. People aged 18 and under are coming out at 15 on average.

Which would be fine EXCEPT there's a huge bias in their sampling: people who are closeted or haven't yet figured out that they're gay are not going to respond to the survey! Therefore people who respond to this survey and are under 18 are guaranteed to have come out at an age below 18! If someone who's not out did take the survey, they would just have to say "I'm not out yet." Which is not a number, you can't use that to calculate the average. It doesn't say how they handled that but I wouldn't be surprised if they just threw out those answers, or never got any of them in the first place. Which makes the entire study worthless.

I believe that the average age has decreased, that as a result of greater public acceptance, people don't have to wait as long and can recognize that they're gay at a younger age. But this survey didn't prove that.
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2010-10-07 11:15 am
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it totally does get better, shut up!

Following on from yesterday's ranty post, apparently there's been a lot of negative reaction to that one blog post I was talking about. Here's a good post about it, breaking it down point by point like I did, on the blog boy culture. And, I am sad to say, it's funnier than mine:

4. "Stories of how your mom finally came around, over-write the present realities of youth." This is where the essay jumps the shark entirely, apologizing to the creature for subjugating it by such an action.

That is pretty damn clever. I think I'm going to have to steal that at some point.
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2010-10-06 04:50 pm
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response to criticism of It Gets Better, in which I get ranty

So there was this link on Shakesville: "Why I don't like Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project"

Here are excerpts from the article followed by my comments. Also: angry Sylar icon!

1. The video promotes metro-centric and anti-religious sentiment.
By aligning their bullying with the religiosity and “small-town mentality,” Dan and Terry tacitly reinforce the belief (especially rampant in queer communities) that the religious and the rural are more bigoted.

There IS more bigotry in religious and rural areas (per capita, anyway). It's ridiculous to take the facts Dan & Terry presented about their own lives and accuse them of being unfair to the religious and/or rural. A whole lot of gay people had bad experiences that they have reason to believe were made worse by the (rural, religious) environment they lived in. But apparently they should just shut up about that?

Read more... )

The article ends with a bunch of incomprehensible garbage about how we only want to help people who don't actually need our help and that by participating in this project we're exploiting gay teens and erasing their individuality? Somehow?

Also I think the author only watched Dan & Terry's video and conveniently ignored all the others that were made by people who aren't white, middle-class men.

Another important purpose that these videos serve, that the author ignored, is to show people (like everyone, not only gay youth) that being gay doesn't condemn you to a life of misery. That's what a lot of young gay people are being told and that's what a lot of homophobic adults believe. These videos are a powerful counter-message to that.

ETA: Ha! I was right about this: the author criticizes Dan for just putting out a video and not doing anything to actually change things and I was skeptical (see my comment below) that the author was practicing what they preach. And lo and behold here's this from a more recent post by the same author:
[allegedly a criticism she has received] 13. Ho, what have you even done to help poor, suicidal kids? You just sit around criticizing people! Come up with some tangible solutions!

[her response] I’ll tell you what. You take care of your work, and I’ll take care of mine.

Translation: I wrote this brilliant-ass blog entry, my work here is done. People like Dan who put their faces and voices out there can be held responsible for actually changing things; don't worry, I'll be sure and tell them if they're doing it wrong.

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2010-10-03 11:08 am
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I posted it. And now I know how to do captions!

The procedure is to e-mail the URL to Dan and he'll add it to the list eventually, because a lot of people are submitting videos. And most of them have been men so I'm glad I could increase the number of videos by lesbians.

I had to do all the cuts & fades because man, an extemporaneous speech like that is hard to do! And I didn't want to write something and just read it because I can't do that without it sounding fake. So I ended up editing together a 2 minute video from about 45 minutes of footage.
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2010-10-02 08:27 am
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(no subject)

OK, the more It Gets Better videos I see, the more hesitant I am to make one because there's no way mine will be as awesome as this:

ETA: I'm just kidding, I'll still make a video. And soon, while people are still paying attention. I'm waiting a day or two now because I have a zit on my chin. But I'll do it soon! :)
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2010-09-22 08:46 pm
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boosting the signal

I think this is a wonderful idea: Dan Savage's It Gets Better project. Gay adults share their stories with gay kids who are suffering through high school as we once did. Whenever I hear my younger LJ friends having problems in school, I just want to reach out to them and help them know that it will get better. I think I'm going to contribute to this.
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2010-08-04 02:41 pm

holy crap!

Federal court rules CA Prop 8 unconstitutional!

It'll go to the Supreme Court and then who knows what will happen but this is a huge victory!
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2010-04-22 08:26 pm
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NEWSFLASH: straight people don't get to dictate what is and isn't homophobic

Yet again, homophobic bullshit directed at Zachary Quinto from his so-called fans on [ profile] ontd_startrek

It doesn't help that the majority of commenters there are children. I'm not exaggerating, they're under 18. So a lot of them genuinely don't know any better, and grew up in the age of Will and Grace where it's OK for gay people to exist as long as we're non-threatening and sexless and the butt of jokes.

I responded to some of the comments - a lot of them are defending it on the grounds of "we didn't mean it that way! It's just a joke!" No. This Shakesville post explains why not (well, the post is about sexism but the same argument applies to homophobia):

There's a very common misperception that sexism is subjective—that any given incident identified by one person as sexist could be identified by another as not sexist, and either both of them are right, because the whole thing is just a matter of opinion anyway, or the latter is right, because if it's not equally obvious to everyone, it can't be sexist. It's this conventional wisdom about the subjectivity of sexism that underlies the ubiquitous "I don't see it" rejoinder, particularly recurrent in discussions of expressed sexism against women, on which this post will be focused.

If a LGBT person says something is homophobic and a straight person says "it's just a harmless joke, get over it" who's right? Hint: not the one who belongs to the privileged group that systematically oppresses the other group!
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2009-11-12 09:47 am

homophobia pisses me off

Finally a post where angry!Sylar icon is appropriate!

So Zach Quinto is tentatively attached to a "romantic dramedy" indie film and a shitload of fans are reacting like "LOL, I hope he seduces the son instead! I couldn't imagine him in a straight role! Because he's so incredibly gay!"
Like here:

If he is in fact gay, it's exactly this kind of shit that prevents him from being 100% out to the public. That is why gay actors have to "not talk about their personal lives," because straight assholes think gay actors can only play gay roles!

He has already been completely believable in two straight roles: Sylar and Spock! They're both straight! How could anyone not see that?

"I wouldn't find him believable in a straight role" isn't cute. It's not just because you're a slash fan. It's homophobic and it sucks. Do we think he's actually a superpowered serial killer IRL? And simultaneously an alien scientist? An actor doesn't have to have any traits in common with their character (OK, except physical appearance), that's the whole point!

It would be great if there were more movies where the main character is gay. But for the sake of his career, he needs to play a straight romantic lead - WHICH HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IF EVERYONE WEREN'T REACTING THE WAY THEY ARE.

Someone cool in the ontd_startrek thread made the excellent point that straight actors are allowed to play gay roles, like Sean Penn and Heath Ledger. What it comes down to is straight people are seen as multifaceted, being straight is just one part of their whole identity. But society sees gay people as being defined by their orientation. They can't be anything else, they're just A Gay. That's why people think gay characters are inappropriate for children's books/movies, because knowing that a gay person exists makes people think about weird freaky sex, because in their minds that's all we're about. We're one-dimensional, we don't get to be seen as whole people.

And that is why I am pissed off today by well-meaning but clueless straight people.
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2009-04-12 09:57 pm
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an interesting theory but there's still a problem posits that Amazonfail is most likely the result of Epic Trolling, not an employee deciding to change the policy, and they say Strikethrough2007 was another example of this.

The problem is it's still not just the trolls who are responsible; SixApart (and possibly Amazon?) still made the decision to ban/censor things that shouldn't have been banned/censored. And Amazon's reps lied at some point - either "Ashlyn D" lied and it really was a "glitch," or she was telling the truth and now they're lying about it being unintentional.

...I was going to say "it would be different if users could create their own tags and a bunch of people inaccurately tagged hundreds of books in order to get them classified as 'adult'" but apparently you can create your own tags. (I thought I'd better check before I said it.) But still, the choices are:

1. Tagging hundreds of books, which Amazon wouldn't notice until people complained (which some authors have been doing since February) and when they noticed they'd probably fix it.

Or 2. convincing someone at Amazon to make the change, and Member Services is aware of the policy and defends it when questioned.

I'm pretty sure all the evidence points to 2.

Bottom line, I don't care whether Amazon was motivated by actual homophobes or anarchic, we-don't-care-who-we-offend trolls; Amazon thought it was OK to send everyone the message that gay equals pornographic and that is not OK.
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2009-04-12 05:23 pm
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goddamnit, Amazon

In a nutshell, recently (like this past week?) classified a bunch of gay-themed books as "adult" and therefore stripped them of their sales rankings and prevented them from coming up in some searches. Some of these books are actually adult but a lot of them are not. Hetero romance novels remain NOT classified as adult. Because everyone knows gay people are inherently all sexual and inappropriate and whatnot.

This same idea played a huge part in the Yes on 8 campaign: "if we don't force gay people back into the closet, your kids might find out they exist! And then you'll have to EXPLAIN things! To YOUR CHILDREN! And you hate talking to your children! Accurate information about humans makes baby Jesus cry."

Anyway, I sent an e-mail to Amazon and I don't really have the energy to talk about it any more right now. I'm just going to link to [ profile] springheel_jack because he has a bunch of good links.
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2008-05-15 06:31 pm
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I'm sure you've all heard the awesome news already. Here's one funny response by "Americans for Truth About Homosexuality": How Will California Couples Consummate Their Counterfeit [sic] Marriages?

Dude, if you don't know, we're not going to describe it to you.

But seriously, I hope this crap is all sorted out by the time I'm going to settle down. I can only imagine how hard it must be for people who get married and then have to wait and see whether the voters have their marriage nullified. This is why we have courts! Because the rights of minorities should not be left up to a majority vote!
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2007-10-20 05:50 pm
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more about gay Dumbledore

I don't feel like doing anything productive right now so I'm going around reading people's reactions on the internets. I really like [ profile] florence_craye and [ profile] innerbrat's posts on it. I was reading comments on The Stranger and someone said they don't see why sexual orientation should be mentioned in children's books. Because BEING GAY IS NOT ALL ABOUT SEX. SEX ACTUALLY HAS VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH IT. It's stupid to say it's appropriate that sexual orientation wasn't brought up in Harry Potter because IT WAS BROUGHT UP. The following characters were all identified as having opposite-sex partners:
Remus (sigh)
Tonks (SIGH)

That's just off the top of my head. Sexual orientation comes up ALL THE TIME in children's books because children's books include straight couples. Straight people often don't get that "sexual orientation" means "straight" too. A lot of people think just being out means you're flaunting yourself but if that's true then straight people flaunt themselves all the time, by not actively hiding the fact that they're straight. It's called heteronormativity and it's why many of us are disappointed that JKR didn't just include in DH even one sentence indicating more explicitly that Dumbledore was gay, given that she had evidently planned that he was gay, and didn't just come up with it on the spur of the moment during her public appearance (I think). It would've been easy to include it without disrupting the story. There could've been a line in Rita's book that said Dumbledore was actually in love with Grindlewald and the conversation could've gone:
Harry: "wait, Dumbledore was gay?"
Ron: "Ew!" [because it's already a well established fact that Ron is a huge asshole]
Hermione: (eyeroll) "Well, it makes sense. We've never heard of him being involved with women. Anyway, he's still the same person we knew all along."
Ron: "Yeah, I guess so."
See? And then they move on with the 500 pages of bickering in a tent, which was apparently had such important narrative flow that JKR couldn't risk interrupting it with the shocking fact that gay people exist.

The other thing that REALLY troubles me and makes me think we shouldn't give JKR too much credit is the audience question that prompted her to say Dumbledore was gay:
She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds "true love."

"Dumbledore is gay," the author responded to gasps and applause.

THAT DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION! It was a yes-or-no question. Not "what was Dumbledore's love life like?" or similar. How on earth could she have thought that was a suitable answer? There are only two possibilities: she meant that gay people always find true love - which we know isn't what she meant because Dumbledore didn't - or she meant that gay people never find true love. That's sickening. Maybe I'm just pissed off at the moment but JKR can take her pseudo-progressiveism and all but one of her major characters being straight white males and shove them up her ass. I agree with [ profile] innerbrat that I'd rather she hadn't said it at all.

Pretending that sexual orientation is invisible is no different from pretending we're "colorblind" and it does every bit as much damage. Characters whose race isn't stated are assumed to be white, and are portrayed by white actors in the movies. Having a story where gay people are never mentioned but practically all of the characters wind up in hetero relationships means either gay people don't exist in the HP universe or they all have to be in the closet - as I suspect is the case with Dumbledore. It's either hopelessly naive or deliberately disingenuous to claim that Dumbledore was gay the whole time but nobody ever brought it up simply because being gay was a total non-issue in the HP universe. And what about Dudley's homophobic remarks? If gay people are totally equal in magical society then why didn't Harry think something along those lines? I don't buy it.

it's getting long; here's more )

Although I will say it's a credit to JKR and the Harry Potter series that it spurs serious discussion on real-life issues.
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2004-06-09 08:29 am

(no subject)

Every morning, I go to Safeway to get my breakfast, because it's right near where I work. This morning, I saw on the cover of some tabloid at the checkstand: "GAY ALIENS FOUND IN UFO WRECK." And there was a picture of two alien skeletons having buttsex. My first thought was "cool. Gay aliens." But then I thought: do we really know enought about alien morphology to be able to sex-type the skeletons? What if it's just two straight aliens? That would be disappointing. And then I thought if they weren't so busy having sex, maybe they wouldn't have crashed their ship. Stupid aliens.
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2004-05-23 07:42 am
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(no subject)

I might go to the gym today. They have a class at 9:00 that's supposed to be "boot camp style." Which doesn't sound all that appealing but I called up the gym to see exactly what it is and the instructor was the one who answered. She sounded pretty mellow. So I don't think she'll be calling us maggots or anything. But I'm a little sore from yesterday. I was thinking of maybe just doing cardio today. Or maybe just sitting around eating chocolatey cereal. Whichever.

I was thinking of submitting something to [ profile] andropotterist's Men in Uniform challenge, but another challenge has been put up and I don't know if there's a deadline for them. I have a good idea but to do it well will take a while.

Genetics conference )

Then after the conference, I walked to the Downtown Plaza mall to buy shoes. I needed some running shoes because all I have are some crappy sneakers I got at Payless for $6. So I got some good shoes, for ten times that much. One the way to the mall, I walked through the park around the capitol building and I could hear a protest going on. I went to check it out, in case it was something I agreed with and I could join in. I didn't join in. It was a protest against gay marriage. It made me feel ill, walking past those fuckers with their "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" and "God created male and female not gay and lesbian" signs. And I couldn't even give them the finger because the tricky bastards had brought their children along. And flipping people off in front of their kids might make our side look bad. Just a little. At the mall, I tried to find a rainbow shirt or something (ideally a flag but I didn't think I was likely to find that at the mall) so I could piss them off on the way back. But I couldn't find anything. It's just as well, though, because by the time I came back, they'd gone.

When I got back to Davis, I was going to Jamba Juice and I saw Nicole! With her boyfriend. And she wants to see PoA at midnight! Yay! And I phoned Jackie when I was up in Sacramento, because she lives in Rocklin, and she was busy yesterday but we're going to have lunch today. I'll see if she wants to see Troy or something. I want to see Shrek 2 but I think it's going to be hard to get tickets for that.
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2004-02-15 07:54 am
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(no subject)

Marriage is love.

Pass it on.
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2003-12-17 12:16 pm
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Spread the word about this poll!

Here's a poll about whether people think gay marriage should be legalized. So far, the numbers are pretty depressing so let's tell 'em what we think! (It's really short)
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2003-11-24 04:09 pm
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"I love you, Lord Daftwager"

Spoilers, but probably not anything you'd care about.
But first, here's a funny story: They finally brought my new washing machine today. And while they were delivering it, they left the door open and a big brown cat wandered in. Snape was already hiding under my bed, as she does when the maintenance people come in. So the cat just walked around and went into the kitchen and ate Snape's food. I just let it, since there wasn't a lot of food down there. Then when it had finished, it stood there meowing for more. I ended up having to herd it outside.

And now, the spoilers for various shows and stuff:
Ahh, lots of gay stuff on my TV lately. First, the new Simpsons episode, with the above quote (the Subject, I mean). And the bits with J.K.R. and Sir Ian were great. Struck me as a bit of an unoriginal joke (the Macbeth thing) but I still liked it. And I liked, in response to Lisa's question about what's going to happen at the end of Harry Potter: "He's going to grow up and marry you. Is that what you want to hear?" "Yes." And I liked all the James Bond stuff. And starting sentences with contractions. Then, there was Malcolm in the Middle, where Malcolm says he's probably gay. Though he wasn't serious.

Then I stayed up to watch QAF. And I was like "there'd better be some sex in this one" y'know, to make it worth staying up for, because I was tired. And there was. Imagined Ben/Michael and then Brian and Justin, though not with each other. (Ehh, it probably makes more sense if you've seen it).

Then this morning, because [ profile] mahwlee mentioned it, I rented Total Eclipse. Since I had to take the day off work to wait for the washing machine. The sex really doesn't compare with QAF but I'm not one to turn down frontal nudity. And it was a good movie. Ah, Verlaine. So vulnerable. So tragic. So I would never make excuses for his behavior if he weren't portrayed by the dreamy David Thewlis.
...From some site I found that I can't really read because it's in French:

He does look like Leo DiCaprio. LOL. And "click here" in French is "cliquez ici." I like that. Too bad I dropped French after 8th grade. But I can muddle my way through the site. That's not too bad.
But isn't that sweet? Verlaine drew a picture of him.
Some odd thoughts on the movie:
- I loved David's line "I don't like getting drunk. I mean, I like getting drunk; I don't like being drunk."
Edit: I got the quote a bit wrong. It's actually "Don't think that I like getting drunk. I mean, I do like getting drunk; I don't like being drunk." OK then.
- my, that woman who played his wife was well endowed.
- ditto David.
- I don't get it with them both having tumors. Does absinthe give you cancer? I don't see anything about him having cancer in his biography.