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Why does an otherwise lovely party post have to have this body-hate shit?

Someone posted that she doesn't like how people pick on her for having small breasts. That sucks and she deserves our sympathy. But instead of just being supportive, more than half of the replies said something about how large breasts are bad. FAIL.

- I can run and jump just fine, actually. It's called a sports bra.
- I have never had any back problems at all. Many people have back problems, and many people have large breasts; I think people are seeing a correlation that's not actually all that strong.
- Yes, it is hard for me to find clothes that fit my proportions because I'm not typical. Apparently I deserve this?
- Breasts don't have particularly a lot of sweat glands, certainly not compared with the hands, feet, groin and armpits. I don't even know where they got this one. OK, there are some concentrated around the nipples but we all have nipples. I can't help thinking there's some fat hate tangled up in here somewhere.
- I don't like to sleep on my stomach because it means keeping my head turned at a 90% angle so I can, y'know, breathe. I can, however, lie on my stomach without any difficulty, and in fact often do lie on my stomach when I'm doing yoga.


ETA: Also this type of discrimination against women with large breasts and these accusations that we're inappropriate no matter what we wear are quite typical.
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I DVR Glee and I hadn't seen the latest episode yet when I read manda Marcotte's post about it. So I watched it today.

Kurt is my favorite character, he's awesome. In this episode, Kurt's father had a heart attack and was in the hospital in a coma. The other members of the glee club want to sing "spiritual" (a.k.a. Christian) songs at school and pray for Kurt's dad but Kurt doesn't want this because he's an atheist. He asks these people, who are supposed to be his friends, to respect his beliefs. They don't. He catches them at the hospital praying over his comatose dad. They even make the ludicrous claim that they all belong to different denominations and religions (some Christians and one Jew) so one of them must be right. He shows admirable restraint and asks them to leave.

I got pissed off and fast-forwarded through a lot of it.

Then later Mercedes, Kurt's best friend and one of the people who were praying over Kurt's dad, confronts Kurt at his locker, accuses him of missing out on experiences and of shutting out his friends. Kurt agrees and apologizes. Then he agrees to go to church with her. I turned it off at that point.

The other major problem with the episode was the only atheist character besides Kurt was the show's villain, Sue Sylvester (and the only other character I like besides Kurt). Both Kurt and Sue had stories about how they became atheists because they're mad at God.

The clear message of this episode was that Kurt's friends did a good, noble thing for Kurt by trampling all over his feelings and doing what he had specifically asked them not to do.

Several characters gently admonish Kurt that he should be nice because people are only trying to help him. When in fact they're helping themselves feel better at the expense of making Kurt feel worse. These characters are selfish assholes and they're being portrayed as generous friends, while Kurt is portrayed as being unreasonable and mean to them by rejecting the "help" he made it clear he doesn't want.

That is why I am done with Glee.
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Finally a post where angry!Sylar icon is appropriate!

So Zach Quinto is tentatively attached to a "romantic dramedy" indie film and a shitload of fans are reacting like "LOL, I hope he seduces the son instead! I couldn't imagine him in a straight role! Because he's so incredibly gay!"
Like here:

If he is in fact gay, it's exactly this kind of shit that prevents him from being 100% out to the public. That is why gay actors have to "not talk about their personal lives," because straight assholes think gay actors can only play gay roles!

He has already been completely believable in two straight roles: Sylar and Spock! They're both straight! How could anyone not see that?

"I wouldn't find him believable in a straight role" isn't cute. It's not just because you're a slash fan. It's homophobic and it sucks. Do we think he's actually a superpowered serial killer IRL? And simultaneously an alien scientist? An actor doesn't have to have any traits in common with their character (OK, except physical appearance), that's the whole point!

It would be great if there were more movies where the main character is gay. But for the sake of his career, he needs to play a straight romantic lead - WHICH HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IF EVERYONE WEREN'T REACTING THE WAY THEY ARE.

Someone cool in the ontd_startrek thread made the excellent point that straight actors are allowed to play gay roles, like Sean Penn and Heath Ledger. What it comes down to is straight people are seen as multifaceted, being straight is just one part of their whole identity. But society sees gay people as being defined by their orientation. They can't be anything else, they're just A Gay. That's why people think gay characters are inappropriate for children's books/movies, because knowing that a gay person exists makes people think about weird freaky sex, because in their minds that's all we're about. We're one-dimensional, we don't get to be seen as whole people.

And that is why I am pissed off today by well-meaning but clueless straight people.


Jul. 8th, 2005 01:58 pm
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Someone on kissmyass_cosmo sarcastically asked me where I got my extensive medical training and called me ignorant, in response to my posting the article that says losing weight is bad for healthy fat people. I've replied but the comment was posted back on Tuesday and I don't know if people are still reading. I forgot to check for new comments on that one. Dammit. I was really hoping to get into a flame war with this asshole.

ETA: You know what? I'll question people's motives, I'll gleefully demolish their illogical arguments but I never actually call people ignorant. If I'm really provoked, I'll call someone prejudiced, I'll call an argument ignorant or talk about how the general public tends to be ignorant about certain things but I don't personally attack my opponent like that. That pisses me off.

Especially when I'm NOT ignorant. You not agreeing with me != me being ignorant.

Let's compare:
I cite an article in the OP and a book in my reply to the comment. The commenter cites absolutely nothing; her argument consists entirely of insulting me and deliberately misinterpreting my argument. Hmm.

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