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I gave blood today. Then I did some work and ate a big sandwich. Now I'm tired.

Time to sit back and play some Minecraft! Except I'm reluctant to invest a lot of time mining since 1.9 and 1.10 ( that how they usually do it? but 1.10 < 1.9) are going to have a lot of new blocks and things that spawn in new chunks (Nether ruins!) so I'll probably want to start a new world when the game is released. Aw, that's not until November, I'm not just going to wait until then! I'll just explore a bunch in my 1.8 world.
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AND I was carrying my diamond sword and pickaxe at the time and I'd just found about four more diamonds and a crap-ton of redstone. Now it's all gone ;___;

On the plus side, I have a new icon. Three Creeper Moon.

The Nether

Mar. 6th, 2011 12:43 am
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Dun dun DUUUUN

Here's my fortress of doom:

And I finally saw some zombie pigmen

I hadn't seen them before because I usually put it on Peaceful to visit The Nether - I'm scared of the ghasts. I actually killed one today. It took about 30 arrows and it didn't drop any gunpowder >:( I think I'll stick to getting my gunpowder from creepers. I need TNT because I'm hollowing out a big chamber to be a monster arena. It has a balcony around the top of the wall and it's open in the middle and dark so monsters can spawn there. It's not done yet but I already got a skeleton and a spider.
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I made a rainbow!

This makes me think: it would be cool if we could use dyes and glass to make stained glass.
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I made a new Minecraft skin: Princess Toadstool!

You can't see it too well but she's holding a toadstool.

The new update is cool but I wish they hadn't made it so the logs burn away. All my fireplaces are cold and empty now! ;__;
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Coming from me, that could mean a few different things; in this case, I'm talking about a Minecraft squid.

(as you can see from the ink sac in my inventory, this is not actually the first squid I found)
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Because starting tomorrow, it's all business. I have to get Student Body stuff ready for the meeting, which will be my last act as Student Body President! Wooo!

And then classes start on Wednesday. And my new roommate is moving in Friday!

Meanwhile, here are some more Minecraft pics.

I found a floating island!

What could be up there? TREASURE?

more pics! )

my map!

Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:04 pm
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I installed the Overviewer 3rd party mapping program for Minecraft, which makes high-res zoomable maps of your Minecraft worlds. It took 3 hours to run (it'll take less time now that it's done the first one). Here's my world!

I don't know why that narrow strip of land is there at the upper right. That might be a mistake.

two more, zoomed in )
There's also a farm cottage and a signal tower. The manor house is built into the side of the mountain and I'm going to expand that so it has more hidden rooms in the mountain. The village is located on the bay on that big landmass on the far right. On that finger of water between the big chunk with trees on the right and a smaller desert island on the left of it. And I just completed the tunnel connecting this village to the castle and have laid down mine cart tracks through about half of it.
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I'm hungry and I already put on my pajamas and there isn't anything in the house I particularly feel like eating. Argh! A Hot Pocket isn't a very substantial dinner, I guess. It wasn't even really a Hot Pocket, it was a Lean Pocket.

...wait, I also had some ice cream. That was later.

But now what am I going to eat? I'm not super hungry, I just need a snack. Maybe some soup? I had some of the garden tomato soup from Safeway that I like but I ate the last of that for lunch. D'oh!

I spent pretty much all day playing Minecraft. My friend from school might be moving in for February and I need to finish tidying up and organizing the garage so he can park in it. But I played Minecraft instead. I want some lapis lazuli! I started looking for it in the mine by my castle but then it occurred to me that I have to go to a new area because the ones that were generated before the update aren't going to have any of the new blocks. So I went to a new area and built a cabin there to keep my stuff in but then I got tired of playing and stopped. That didn't take me all day, I also finished the tunnel between my castle and my village, several hundred blocks apart. And I started laying down mine cart tracks in it. That's going to be cool.

You know what? I haven't seen any squids yet. I like how on the dyes chart, under how to get Ink Sack, it says "MURDER!!" Poor squid!

I did make a cake already. I put in on a table (i.e. wood block) in the manor house. It's pretty.
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Still sick. I went to Spanish class, where I learned something about myself: holding back and not just answering all the questions myself requires patience! Patience that I did not have today!

Also I told the class what a subject and object were. Of a sentence. Because they didn't know. And the teacher was just confusing them further. I really need to resist the urge to do that, it's disrespectful to the teacher. But he didn't mind this time; he actually asked me to repeat it so everyone could write it down because he liked the way I put it. I said "the subject is the thing that does the verb and the object is the thing the verb does it to." With gestures.

WTF, I learned that in 6th grade. What the hell is wrong with schools? And/or students?

In Minecraft news, I met my first ghast today. The good news is I didn't die! It didn't even manage to set me on fire! I tried to shoot it with arrows but either they're impervious to arrows or I was missing - it was pretty far away. When I didn't hurt it and it started coming closer, I ran the hell back to my portal.

Then later, I stood atop the battlements of my castle, shooting at zombies:

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So I started a third world just to get a look at the biomes after the Halloween Update (the worlds that were created before the update don't have biomes) but today I played my main world, the one I posted pictures of before.

I've expanded the mine cart system to actually work for transportation. But I need to get some more iron to make more tracks because I need to place one more booster. It's a subway between my house and the adjacent island, where I'm building a castle. It works OK but it's tricky to time it right, sometimes I push the cart and I don't manage to jump in before it passes the booster and takes off. I think I need more running-up room before the booster. Got to make more tracks for that.

And I'm going to make a depot in the middle so I can have more tracks going to a third island where I'm digging a big pit. I thought it would be cool to dig into a cave from above, so you have the sunlight to kill the monsters. But so far it's just been solid rock. However, one unexpected bonus is some pigs and a cow fell in. Free pork and leather! I put it back on Easy mode, hoping some spiders would spawn on the island and I'd get some more string but then I went over to my main mine and there were two skeletons and I hadn't brought any weapons so I put it back on Peaceful mode in a hurry. I did manage to get to a safe hiding place before they shot me. They actually shot each other a little. I was hoping I could just wait in my hole for them to kill each other but they lost interest. Dang skeletons.

I have also visited THE NETHER, but so far only on Peaceful mode. So I haven't seen a Ghast yet. I don't mind putting that off for a bit. I collected some of that gold dust. But there's nothing you can do with it yet.
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I was aware of the new music but I hadn't seen any of the other new things. Except are the grass and trees a more natural green? It looks that way to me.

But apparently there's a whole new world to explore! A scary world with killer flying jellyfish that shoot fire! I might have to make some more arrows before attempting to go there! At least I finally killed enough spiders to get the string to make a bow. That's the only way to deal with skeletons unless you can stand somewhere behind, or ideally above, cover and smack them with the sword when they try to come after you.

I think part of my problem is I keep trying to play using the finger pad thing instead of a real mouse. It is much harder to steer with that thing. I've mostly stopped using my desktop, it's really slow and takes so long to boot up. So Minecraft is installed on my laptop. And I haven't been bothering to go get the mouse and plug it in. That was fine on Peaceful mode but on Easy mode (which is plenty hard for me, thanks!) I really need to use the mouse or else I get killed. And then I drop all the cool items I had. Then I get killed again trying to go back and find them.

But we press on.

Meanwhile, yep, I definitely have a cold. 99.5°F. Someone bring me Jamba Juice!
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Seriously, I'm not going to spend the day in front of the computer again tomorrow because I have to go to the lab for a thesis defense. BUT I did say I was going to post a picture of my house and I can't let you all down, now can I?

I planted some cacti too. And I've devised a system for placing torches to help me find my way back to my base underground. I still get lost though. There have been three times now where I just had to dig my way out and came up under the ocean. I have to plug the hole with a brick so it doesn't start flooding the mine. It won't fill the whole mine like in real life but it'll make a waterfall and make things confusing.

Also I have now mined enough iron ore that I could start making MINE CARTS. I made a video but when I try to upload it to YouTube, it just says it's configuring the video and it never finishes. I'll try again tomorrow.

And then I will go to the lab!

I actually did leave the house today; I was going to meet my classmate from Spanish to practice (and sort of tutor him because let's be honest, I'm the best student in the class apart from the one girl who speaks Spanish as a first language). But he didn't show up! I only waited about 20 minutes - we were going to meet at a cafe so I got a sandwich and tea and sat outside in the little plaza and there was a crazy guy ranting to himself the whole time. So I didn't feel like hanging around for too long.

ETA: OK, the video uploaded! Here it is:
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OK, I'm going to get back to real life tomorrow. But first, here's one more Minecraft post. With pictures!

...I realized I haven't taken a screencap of the outside of the house. OK, there will be another post with that.

The bedroom, with fancy brick fireplace:

The stairs behind the wooden rail lead down to...

...the basement, where I do my smelting:

And here's the garden at night:

In the far corner, there's a small wheat field. You can see the box where I keep my seeds and gardening tools. In the middle there's the gate in the wall that keeps the exploding creepers out and the road that leads down the beach to the dock - you can see its small tower with a light (I made another boat). And on the far right, papyrus reeds. They're for making paper, which you can then make into books and those are used to make bookshelves. The bookshelves do nothing. They just look nice in the house.

Next time: house exterior and mine pics!
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I actually quit playing voluntarily this time. As opposed to quitting when it's midnight and I have to get some sleep because I have class in the morning. I fell in lava twice in a row. And when you fall in lava, all your inventory gets burned up and it's gone forever. I had just mined a bunch of ore and diamonds and about 80 units of red dust! And they're all gone!

The second time, I thought I was doomed after I dug through to an underground waterfall and got swept way down into unexplored caverns. But I dug my way out of that! I even had to kill some zombies and the only weapon I had was a stone sword! I had to use up my good pickaxe getting out, which meant I couldn't dig any ore on the way. So I went back to my house, made another pickaxe and went back in... and fell in lava again. At least I didn't lose as much stuff the second time but I did lose a fair amount of red dust. It only appears near lava, see, so mining it is dangerous. Especially when you're kind of bad at steering with the mouse.

On the plus side, I started a new map (I started it earlier today, I mean; the falling-in-lava occurred in this new map) and this one has islands. I built a sweet house and a dock and I'm working on a wall to keep away the creepers - creepers are vine monsters that explode. They suck. I had to repair my old house twice because creepers exploded parts of it. This one has a stone wall that they can't get over. I also had a boat but I crashed it. It's a known bug that the boat steering is a little wonky. That wasn't really the reason, I just didn't realize it would break if I drove it into a wall. I didn't think I was going that fast! I am better at driving boats in real life. Also at not falling in lava. I have never fallen into lava in real life.


Oct. 23rd, 2010 08:25 am
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This is me right now:

Comixed of- panel 1- guy saying 'I'll just play Minecraft for a few minutes,' panel 2- the Enterprise built in Minecraft, panel 3- guy is a skeleton

I didn't make the Enterprise but do I kind of look like the last panel after staying up past midnight playing Minecraft. My back is bad again so I couldn't go help with the seal captures. So I played Minecraft instead. ALL DAY.

I have a bow & arrows! And I found red dust and two diamonds! And I went wandering around and built a cottage on the beach but then I died and respawned back at the starting point and now I can't find the cottage! Apart from that, it's good.

OK, off to Spanish class. It's good that I have class today or else I'd probably spend all day playing Minecraft again.

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