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There was a troll post on ontd_science and it's already baleeted. It's good that the mods are on top of things. But the last time I saw it, there were only 9 comments and three of those were mine; I'm sure it got a lot worse and now I've missed it!

The OP asked us to comment with common misconceptions about science. The first comment was a link to the relevant Wikipedia page (which I didn't know existed until that xkcd strip!). The second comment was mine with a few of my favorites and a humorous quip about each one.

The OP replied that they weren't really looking for common misconceptions held by the general public, but by scientists. And that comment included the word "experts" in scare quotes. This was the first sign that the thread was headed for deletion. Another commenter and I replied briefly to explain that it doesn't really work like that - if experts (or, indeed "experts") disagree over the interpretation of data then yeah, one will turn out to be more right than the other but that doesn't mean the other one has a misconception. That's not what that word means.

Also we both used the phrase "by definition" and my final comment was to give the other explainer an internet high-five for that.

Then the OP replied that in fact there could be experts who cling to misconceptions but true experts will evaluate new information and be willing to change their minds. Yeahhhh, that second one is called "doing science." So the OP is saying there are experts, who actually adhere to the basic principles of science, and then there are "experts" who... don't? but they're still somehow regarded by other scientists, who know them to be wrong, as experts? Whut? The OP was obviously fishing for something but I can't really articulate what it was. Something involving the OP not understanding how science works, I think. Like the goal of science is to assume we know everything about everything and then we write it down in a bunch of big, heavy textbooks and force everyone to believe in it because we think we're smarter than everyone. You're right, OP, scientists should totally stop doing that!

So at that point I left to watch stand-up comedy on YouTube for a while and when I came back, the post was gone.

You know what's cool, though? The way the OP seems to think science works is itself a common misconception!
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I was eating dinner and idly watching men's figure skating and the commentator came out with this gem. It's pretty awesome. Are you ready for it? He said:

"Their greatest strength, for the men in this competition, is a lack of weakness."

I almost snorted Boca burger out my nose.
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As seen on Shakesville.

Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild is declared Douche of the Decade by Gawker and he responds by not only threatening to sue in a poorly-worded e-mail but also by sending the editor this photo:

I admit that is fairly douchey but I think we can do better:

Come on Joe, reach for the stars!


Dec. 6th, 2009 07:24 pm
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I'll repost the hilarious videos here before the post in [ profile] _scientists_ is inevitably and well-deservedly deleted:


You know what's sad? My nutjob dentist once started going off about the evils of fluoride in the water supply. He said it was the Nazis' idea. And you know whose fault the Nazis are, right? DARWIN.

This video was the entirety of the original post, just the embedded video with no comment. So people posted the videos below in response.

Read more... )


Jan. 3rd, 2008 07:23 pm
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I just got this e-mail:
You pegged me for the Tigger (ENTP) that I am, but your assessment of
the HP characters is off.
Hint: Dumbledore is an INTP... think dynamic, not static
characters... JK doesn't do static characters...
Good luck!

Thanks for the hint, random condescending asshole on the internet! Good thing you've actually met Dumbledore and know him well, or else I'd think you were just making your best guess, like I did.

...I usually just snark about e-mails like this on my LJ but I'm tempted to send a sarcastic reply to this one. Because this was was pretty damn obnoxious.
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On the Comedy Goldmine "Dumb things overheard in class":
"If evolution is the truth, then you would have half dog half cat animals running around because they always live with each other."

I actually haven't seen that one before. It makes me wonder how the hell this person thinks evolution is supposed to work. Humans live with cats and dogs too, therefore wouldn't there also be freakish cat-dog-human hybrids running - or possibly lurching, zombie-like - around?

I want to put up a web site that explains what "evolution" actually means except I don't think it would make any difference. For a lot of people, it's not really about ignorance, it's about actively not wanting to know.

ETA Haha, here's another from the same page: "But how do you know for sure brontosauruses didn't eat people?"
Pff, because they were herbivores, duh!
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OK, get this: "she'll be running away from your dick." I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of what the potential customers want. "They'll be fighting each other with nailbats just to get a glimpse of your awe-inspiring junk" would be better.

I know they really mean "it'll be so big, she'll be scared of it" but that's both stupid and misogynist, which is worse than just stupid because "just stupid" is often also "hilarious."

Also, this just in: L.S. Langsam "wanna sex with [me]!" and Changes says "[I] a winner!" Yay! That's probably why L.S. wanna sex with me, L.S. has very discerning tastes and only wanna sex with winners.
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Someone sent me the following e-mail:
Subject: this test sucks

Me and my flatmate have taken your test about harry potter to find out that the test doesn`t have anything to do with it!!!!!! What`s wrong with you. Please if you can give me back the time i wasted!!!!!!!!

So I replied:
Not sure what you're talking about: it does have to do with Harry Potter in that it tells you which character has the same Myers-Briggs type as you.

Please find enclosed a full time-refund. Be careful you don't spend it all on hitting the ! key.

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There's a post on [ profile] lab_gripes about a THIRD YEAR MED STUDENT who tries, and utterly fails, to argue rationally in favor of Intelligent Design. The OP points out how sad it is that our schools are producing DOCTORS whose thinking is so shamefully unscientific.

Here's the reply I posted, starting with a quote from the ID dumbass (the bit about dogs refers to the dumbass' argument that when you breed dogs, they lose something, for example a chihuahua has lost the ability to be big and a Great Dane has lost the ability to have curly hair. I'm not kidding):

cut for swear words )

In another post, the med student talks about how she (I'd incorrectly assumed in my reply that the dumbass was male) needs to try and convert a Muslim classmate to Christianity. She gives herself a list of things to do to help her with it and number two is to avoid cold logic and focus on sins and Heaven and shit. Right, because if there's one thing doctors ought to avoid like the plague, it's logic.

ETA: Not that I'm saying a scientist can't be religious. The first internship I had, the professor I worked for was Catholic and he was a good scientist. I'm saying a) Intelligent Design has nothing to do with science and b) harassing other people by trying to convert them to your religion is an assholish thing to do.
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The Eppendorf customer service rep had to hunt for the plate specs (see previous post) so she e-mailed them to me just now. And spelled my name "Jillion." But, curiously, got my e-mail address right, which is g[my last name]@[company name].com. With a 'g'!
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Because I do this sort of thing when I'm ill and bored, I was looking at fashion on And I came across this stunning piece of wisdom on a page about choosing the right jeans for your shape. It says if you have short legs... you should buy jeans with shorter legs! Really?!
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Except I won't bother. But the cashier/manager at Hollywood Video pissed me off:

1. I came to the counter to open an account and pay for the videos I wanted to rent. There were no other customers at the counter and no "form line here" sign so I just came up to the counter in front of one of the registers. There were FOUR employees standing behind the counter, chatting with each other. I waited a moment to catch their eyes; when I finally got one's attention, I said "hi." He gave me a "hello" nod and went back to chatting with his co-workers. I waited a moment more then said "can I pay for these?" The manager guy moseyed over to a register - not the one I was standing near - and said "oh, I thought you were just standing there." He didn't sound like he was joking. It makes me wonder how often customers just stand there for a while before throwing down their videos in disgust and leaving.

2. I said "I need to open an account" so he gave me the form to fill out. After I'd filled it out - in the less-than-a-minute it took me to write my name and address, he'd already gone back to his conversation and I had to call him back - he took the form and said "is this your correct address?" It took me a great deal of willpower not to say "no, just for fun I put the wrong address."

3. Typing my info, he misspelled my name but caught it, which is good because they'd run out of membership cards, therefore I had no proof that I had an account and I wouldn't have been able to use the account next time if it'd had the wrong name. So making a mistake and then catching it is fine but he thought it was SO funny and I ought to be greatful that he'd avoided screwing up my account.

4. Having finished with the account setup, he said there was a special offer that day where you can get one movie for $1 off with a free bucket of popcorn (the kind that's sealed and you cook it at home). I said I didn't want the popcorn. He had the usual problem store clerks seem to have when I want to decline part of a special offer. Look, it's BETTER for the store if I just get the $1 off and don't take the popcorn, right? Eat it yourself, throw it away, shove it up you ass, I don't care, I just don't want it. So I asked him to give the popcorn to the next person. That was OK and he rang up the videos. He asked me what flavor of popcorn I wanted. One point for him: he realized that was stupid before I had a chance to speak and he said "oh, I guess it doesn't matter," and grabbed a random bucket of popcorn from the stack. I paid for the movies and he put them IN THE BUCKET and held it out for me beyond the anti-theft sensors. I walked around and took the movies out of the bucket. He said "Uh-uh!" and shook the bucket at me like I was stupid and had forgotten my popcorn. I said "no, I don't want-" and then he figured it out and took his damn bucket of popcorn back.

In conclusion: I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!


Jan. 31st, 2004 08:20 pm
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I posted a little thing about my Sims skins over on the BBS on the official site. It was in the "Community Showcase" section, where people are SUPPOSED to post messages about their sites. So look what some chode posted in reply. (Second one down; the first one's cool). I can understand posting "Don't care" if I'd posted the message on a board where you're not supposed to post stuff like that but... well, I don't usually say this but WTF?

... look at some of the other crap he's posted:
Go eat posion. Why are you bugging maxis with your worthless albulms. Leave us all alone !

Poopy. I'm giving my opinion of your bad albulm. And Poopy to all of you that think i'm mean.

Nope i don't want to see ur houses. But i did and i didn't like em.

And they're all like that. Every single one of his posts (you can search by username to see all of someone's recent posts).
What is he, 12?

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