Aug. 13th, 2007 08:51 pm
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Why does this kind of thing always happen right before I'm going to be away from the computer for a while?

I just discovered my web host has changed the URL of my site from
( is the host) redirects to the index page but nothing else redirects. This means anyone who linked to any page other than the index will get 404'd. What the hell? Can they do that? I've sent in a support request but sometimes they misunderstand the support requests and it takes a few e-mails back and forth to get it sorted out.

AND now my username and password don't work. As far as FileZilla knows, I can still log in to and all the pages are there but I can't log in to

ETA OK, it was - as I'd expected but I didn't want to get my hopes up - that they were moving me to another of their servers. It's all back to normal now. They could've sent me an e-mail so I'd know what was going on and wouldn't freak out!
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Holy crap! If you type "pirate monkeys" in google and click "I'm feeling lucky," my site comes up! I'd better get off my ass and put in some more pirate monkey content. Since it's not I have some ideas. There is one thing, though, that maybe you all could help me out with. I want to change the look of the Pirate Monkey Resource section. I won't get rid of any of the content but I'll add more. My question is: do you like the color sceme and buttons now? Should I stick with the present theme and just make it fancier? Or should I do something different?

I know what you're all thinking. "Oh, sure, she's going to update. When monkeys fly out of my butt!" Well, prepare yourself for flying buttmonkeys because I'm taking the week after next off. And can't spend a whole week playing The Sims. There's also the small matter of moving into my new place, which I should have by next week, but there's no big rush with that because I couldn't get anyone to take over the lease on my apartment till August. So like I said. Flying buttmonkeys.

Huh huh. "Butt."
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Pirate Monkeys Inc. is now back online and with a new update. Featuring...


Here's my result, to get the ball rolling:
Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

No, I didn't just rig it so I'd get Snape. My analysis of the character has forced me to conclude that Snape is an INTJ.

...also we INTJs kick ass, and Snape kicks ass, therefore the conclusion is obvious.
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I have some new Sims skins available for downloading:
Snape (now with a body)
Lupin werewolf head, normal head and body
Mary Sue with red hair
Mary Sue with rainbow hair
Sparklypoo Hogwarts uniform
fancy Ren faire/peasant outfit
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Havin' lunch. I guess a lot of my posts are going to be like this now. It's crazy: I haven't even turned on my computer at home since Wednesday. There was a time when I'd get out of bed and immediately turn on the computer. Now I wake up, let the cat into my room (I keep the door shut at night or else I'd never get any sleep), go back to sleep for half an hour, have creepy dreams, wake up, go "aw crap," get ready and go to work. Yup. I went to sleep really early yesterday too. I think it's Snape's fault for meowing at the door every morning at about 5:00 and waking me up too early, so I end up going back to sleep.

I'm having a burger-hold-the-meat. And I'm dropping lettuce. Crap. Anyway. Took me half an hour just to walk over there, buy the food and walk back. First, I placed my order and discovered I only had $2 in my wallet. So I appologized and went to the ATM but half way there, I remembered I had $8 in my pocket. D'oh. So I got back in line and got my sandwich. Then I checked it, because I always check because sometimes they go and put meat on it. And there was no meat but they forgot the cheese. So I asked them to put a piece of cheese on it and instead they threw out the sandwich and made me wait while they assembled a whole new one. I guess they have to, because of health laws or whatever but it's still annoying.

I've decided I need to do more finished pieces for my art page. Practically all my stuff, except the comics, is sketches. Not that there's anything wrong with sketches but it'd be cool to have a section for "sketches" and a separate one for "art." Like how the comics have their own section now. I've been spending a lot of my time (well, the time I set aside for working on my site, anyway) for making Sims skins. I'll have a new batch up this weekend. I'd really like a head mesh with long hair but I don't want to go using other people's meshes. Since I don't have any software to make my own, that means I'm stuck with what Maxis provides. They aren't bad but I'd like to see a little more variety in the heads. Heh: in my head, I refer to them as "crania" because of how they're designated by a 'C' in the filename. Also because I am a nerd.

I have too many fries. Geeze, if this is the medium, I'm glad I didn't order the large. So, does anyone want some fries? Uhh, I'll mail 'em to you.

My friend from NY is indeed coming to visit this weekend. Tonight, actually. And everyone's coming to my place. Uh oh. I'd better clean up. It's not too bad. I cleaned the bathroom last night. And they won't be hanging around in the bedroom. So it's just do the dishes, tidy up the living room and vacuum. No matter how many times I write that word, I always have to look up how to spell it.

PMI update

Jan. 14th, 2004 10:42 am
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That would be Pirate Monkeys Inc. One new drawing and a new button for linking to me. You can see the drawing here. It's a small portrait/sketch of Snape and Lupin. They aren't doing anything. So, sorry if I got your hopes up.

I'm taking the morning off but I'm going to work this afternoon. Bah. And I'm going to work a day this weekend so I don't have to use up a sick day. At least it's a 3 day weekend. But my friend's coming to visit from New York. I almost forgot about that. I think she'll only be here one day, though.
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So check it out. New stuff about The Sims: Makin' Magic and a new site map. Coming soon: Sparklypoo skin. Coming later: something cool and interactive but it requires a buttload of artwork and I'm approximately 2/3 done with it.
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What, another one? Yeah. This is a big one too. A whole new page about The Sims. I'll put up my Snape and Lucius heads soon, once I've got them looking juuuust right.

I've also downloaded a program so I can uncompress the .far files and get at all those skins from the expansion packs. Yay!

Edit: monkey needs some advice. [ profile] pottersues wants to make t-shirts with some kind of Sparklpoo thing. That isn't a problem. The thing on which I need advice is this: should I make a Sparklypoo site? I've been thinking about it. Getting the e-mail from pottersues just made me think Sparklypoo may be more popular than I realize. It bothers me that links to my comic are floating around all over the place and people rarely seem to click on the link back to my main pages, so they end up having no idea whose comic it is. I mean, obviously I like that a lot of people are seeing it but it would be nice if they saw the rest of my site too.
I looked into setting up a CafePress store and I can do it for free. I could have Pirate Monkeys Inc. shirts but I don't know if enough people would want those to make it worthwhile. Cafe Press' base price for a babydoll t-shirt (here, I was thinking of Sparklypoo shirts) is $16.99. So to make any money, I'd have to charge more than that. And then there's the problem of copyright infringement. I think I'm safe enough if it's just the Sparklypoo logo but the comic certainly rips off the Harry Potter characters. And, to be honest, I really want to focus on expanding the pirate monkeys thing. The fan stuff is fun but, especially with a fandom as populous as Harry Potter, it's hard to be original. Especially if my niche is making fun of Mary Sues. There's only so much you can say. I've got vague ideas for two more Sparklypoo comics but I think that'll be it. And I can't help thinking it's a little, ehh, mean-spirited. Don't get me wrong, I like making fun of things, but some of the people who write Mary Sues are kids. I wouldn't have liked it if people had applied adult standards to my stuff when I was 11. But then there are the people my age who try to insist that they should be praised for writing stories with poor characterization, nonsensical plotting and awful spelling and grammar, simply because they took the time to write a story. So I'm fine with making fun of Mary Sues, up to a point. I can still enjoy it when other people do it. I'd just like to be known for something else.

...Snape is sitting right on my mousepad. And I think I've figured out why my back hurts. I can't sit close enough to the keyboard with Snape on my lap, where she was for most of yesterday. I try to get her to go and play in the living room but she just comes back and if I shut the bedroom door, she just sits outside, meowing to be let in. Oh well. I'll just try to sit up straight more.
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There's more stuff in the Snape Theories section, and I've put up a link to [ profile] hollytoadstool's Mary Sue song. See? I actually got off my butt and did something today.

cut for people who, for whatever reason, don't want to hear me ragging on Dinotopia )

OK, my mum's here to take my up to the snow. Byeeee!
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I've made it all a little neater, and finally used CSS. The layout is all the same. And I've added the new picture, but you've all seen that.

I came across some stuff I'd started and then kind of forgot about. So I have more new ideas than I thought for the site. Unfortunately, I've been having to work a lot of extra hours lately because I'm supervising the interns. I'm taking a sick day today. I need to be more productive on the weekends. Stuff keeps coming up and I don't get anything done. And I'm always really tired after work and it's hard to get stuff done. I have't even been to TKD since last week. Again.

New comic!

Sep. 28th, 2003 02:26 pm
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Located here. I got [ profile] aimlesscoyote's Naked Snape Award for it. Because it features Snape, naked. Check it out.

x-posted to [ profile] do_me_profsnape. Edit: also [ profile] parryhotter but I'm waiting for the mods to approve the post.
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There are some new things on Pirate Monkeys Inc. but not the big new thing that I've been working on. I'm about halfway done with that and I've been busy as heck so it'll be a while before that's done. It won't generate the huge response that the Mary Sue comic did but it'll be pretty cool anyway.

My feet are smelly. I think it's because I wear those Tevas every single day. I love those shoes. I have rectangular tan-lines on my feet.

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