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Have you seen the ad for peanut butter Snickers, where there's a focus group of sharks being interviewed about which person tastes better? I'll see if it's on YouTube...

A surfer was killed by a shark about 5 miles from my house two years ago. I probably shouldn't find this ad funny. But I do. It's something about the absurdity of talking sharks and a marketing company getting them to eat people and discuss how they taste. The talking sharks are cool.
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I've been watching Archer on Netflix and I just saw the last episode (of season 1 - I think season 2 is airing? But I don't get FX).

It's one of those cartoons like on Adult Swim where there's a lot of swearing and sex jokes and it's really funny. Sterling Archer is a sort of James Bond-type spy except he's all irresponsible and kind of stupid. He's voiced by that guy who was on Family Guy and Bob's Burgers and when you hear him, you go "ohh, it's that guy!" And Aisha Tyler does the voice of another spy, and there's also Chris Parnell, René Auberjonois, and Jessica Walter and Jeffrey Tambour from Arrested Development!

Ahh, apparently its creator also did Sealab 2021. I'll have to watch that - is it on Netflix?? Aw, it is but not for instant play. OK, season 1 is in my queue.

Speaking of shows I want to get around to seeing: Venture Brothers. My old housemate recommended it highly. That is also not available for instant play.

I need to hurry up and watch The Sixth Sense so I can send it in and get my next disc (yeahh, I don't know, I've only seen it the once, I wanted to watch it again and see how it is knowing he's a ghost. Yeah, sorry for the spoiler, Hayley Joel Osment is a ghost.)
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I DVR'd SNL and I just watched it today. And I had to make this an icon.

Also this:

ETA: wait... at 2:12, is that David Duchovny?? He certainly would be qualified to hand out sex medals.
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There's this thread on Pharyngula: about CSI-type shows getting things hilariously wrong about "enhancing" images. PZ posted this video to kick it off:

(check out 0:37! Squeee!)

Someone in comments linked to this comic. Click the thumbnail to, ironically, see it bigger and clearer:
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1. In the winter above the arctic circle, there is no "next morning," it's dark all the time.


I liked the bit with Seth's dad as the narrator, though. That was cute.
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I usually like South Park but sometimes there's an episode that's just one, 28-minute testament to how Matt & Trey Do Not Get It. For example: the one about the BP spill. They have a character called Hindsight Man, whose superpower is that he has really good hindsight. And sort of a silly, nasal voice, just in case the audience didn't get that this character was supposed to be ridiculous. And he goes around saying what should have been done instead of actually helping. The implication is that when someone says, for example, that the government shouldn't have turned a blind eye to BP and other oil companies' lack of compliance with safety rules, that person is stupid and they should be doing something concrete to help. Like making an episode of a cartoon, for example. What South Park, infuriatingly, fails to understand is this isn't just about saying what should have been done, it's about making sure we don't make the same mistakes again.

But you can't expect a couple of libertarian douchebags - talented, entertaining douchebags but douchebags nonetheless - to come out on the side of environmentalists against a giant corporation. Or to refrain from using over-the-top, exaggerated strawman arguments.

I'm still going to watch the rest of the episode, though. I have to find out who Mysterion is.

ETA: Oh. It's Clyde.
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I DVR Glee and I hadn't seen the latest episode yet when I read manda Marcotte's post about it. So I watched it today.

Kurt is my favorite character, he's awesome. In this episode, Kurt's father had a heart attack and was in the hospital in a coma. The other members of the glee club want to sing "spiritual" (a.k.a. Christian) songs at school and pray for Kurt's dad but Kurt doesn't want this because he's an atheist. He asks these people, who are supposed to be his friends, to respect his beliefs. They don't. He catches them at the hospital praying over his comatose dad. They even make the ludicrous claim that they all belong to different denominations and religions (some Christians and one Jew) so one of them must be right. He shows admirable restraint and asks them to leave.

I got pissed off and fast-forwarded through a lot of it.

Then later Mercedes, Kurt's best friend and one of the people who were praying over Kurt's dad, confronts Kurt at his locker, accuses him of missing out on experiences and of shutting out his friends. Kurt agrees and apologizes. Then he agrees to go to church with her. I turned it off at that point.

The other major problem with the episode was the only atheist character besides Kurt was the show's villain, Sue Sylvester (and the only other character I like besides Kurt). Both Kurt and Sue had stories about how they became atheists because they're mad at God.

The clear message of this episode was that Kurt's friends did a good, noble thing for Kurt by trampling all over his feelings and doing what he had specifically asked them not to do.

Several characters gently admonish Kurt that he should be nice because people are only trying to help him. When in fact they're helping themselves feel better at the expense of making Kurt feel worse. These characters are selfish assholes and they're being portrayed as generous friends, while Kurt is portrayed as being unreasonable and mean to them by rejecting the "help" he made it clear he doesn't want.

That is why I am done with Glee.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm just going to be frivolous and stick to fictional characters.

I was going to say "Spock" but Sylar has more fun. And Agent Scully is awesome but she's always in perilous situations with aliens and stuff. So I'll stick to just watching her. Same deal with Xena, she's cool but she has to put up with a lot of crap that I wouldn't want to deal with. Hmmm.

Could I just be me but in the Star Trek universe? I want to be on the science team. Have you noticed they hardly ever send blueshirts down to an unknown planet to get exploded/eaten/fall down a hole? It's pretty sweet, being a blueshirt.

I don't understand the title of this Writer's Block. Who's Orlando?
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I went to to watch some SNL clips and I saw an ad for this reality show If I Can Dream. There's somebody on the show named Giglianne.


Is that a bastardization of my name? I think it is.

...OK, it's not quite pronounced the same: I thought it was jee-lee-ann (whereas mine is jill-ee-ann); it's actually jee-glee-annie. But still. I call shenanigans.

It's almost as bad as that time on Family Guy when Brian's dumbass girlfriend was named Gillian (or Jillian? I don't think we saw it written).

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I never watched whole episodes of Attack of The Show but I've seen clips and I saw her on this Daily Show episode. Her delivery just sucks. Her only line that made me laugh was, somewhat ironically, "I don't know what those words mean." Also there have been accusations that her geek persona on G4 was fake; that she doesn't know much about tech and video games and she was just reading the cue cards, whereas the other hosts were actually interested in and knowledgeable about the subject matter. The problem we have with her is not so much that she uses her looks to get her foot in the door. It's that once she's inside, it becomes clear that she didn't have anything else going for her. Stuff like this demonstrates that hotness is not only necessary and sufficient, having other qualities - like humor or talent - is actually a disadvantage.

Something clicked for me today: women who are clever and funny are automatically read as less attractive. See: Tina Fey. I suspect if there had been two finalists for the Daily Show job and the other one was equally attractive but better at doing comedy, they would have preferred Olivia. For example, Erin Gibson, the new Sarah Haskins with her Current TV show Modern Lady, is both very funny and very attractive. Why don't we see more people like her getting wider exposure? And every single joke about Liz Lemon centers around the premise that she's unattractive. Why does that work? Partly because Tina Fey is such a gifted comedic performer that she makes it work. But I suspect it wouldn't work as well with an attractive male actor playing a character that's supposed to be that physically unappealing (unless they do styling to make him look a lot more unappealing than usual, which is also partly how they make it work on 30 Rock).

Read more... )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]YOUNG INDIANA JONES. I loved that show. I have some episodes on tape and it's still good. Unlike Brisco County Jr. The over-the-top cheesiness is not as appealing to me now as it was when I was 13. But Bruce Campbell is still awesome.
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There are a few good things about using AOL (I can use my parents' old account to get on the internet from home so I don't have to pay for internet service):

Jason Isaacs is on a show on Showtime and you can download an mp3 of an interview with him here. Woo! I know what I'm going to ask Santa for this year. I hope they have DVDs of season 1 out by then.

ETA I suppose the bit about AOL didn't make a whole lot of sense. I saw a thing about the show on AOL. I hadn't heard about it before. OK then.
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My mum likes the show Bones. She doesn't like Angel but she likes the main character. I was visiting once and I saw an episode. It was pretty cool.

I read a review of the show today in I Blame the Patriarchy. In the episode Twisty saw, the main character got captured by the psycho killer and Angel had to rescue her. Gag. That's why I've been reluactant to watch the show, because I knew that kind of crap was going to happen. It made me furious when that kind of thing happened in X-Files (Donnie Pfaster...)

Going to see V for Vendetta tomorrow. Since I don't like Natalie Portman to begin with and I don't particularly like her character either, I don't care what that's like. I'm just going for Hugo Weaving. Mmm.

ETA: In case you haven't seen, there's an awesome review of V for Vendetta over on


Dec. 27th, 2005 12:02 pm
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I forgot to mention, my parents and I went to my dad's friend's house for Christmas Eve and I saw Stargate: Atlantis and Serenity. Stargate: Atlantis was OK but it was probably just a run-of-the-mill episode so I can't make a real assessment. The Major or whoever (the cute one) got bitten by a scorpion bug thing and it was sucking his blood and the puddle jumper got stuck in the stargate on the way home. I was kind of distracted. But at least now I'll have some context for [ profile] brevisse's SGA fanart.

Anyway, Serenity! Great movie. I did watch the first few episodes of Firefly when it was first aired and I liked it - thought it might be a replacement in my life for X-Files - but then it disappeared and I don't think I managed to see all 8 episodes anyway. It was an awesome concept for a show. I don't know if it's worth spending the money on DVDs, plus I just got Scrubs DVDs, but I'll watch those 8 episodes eventually.
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OK, maybe this has been posted everywhere already but in case it hasn't: there's going to be this thing on VH1 about QAF on Thursday next week. I don't really know what it's about. Probably the usual VH1 clip show. Except this time, Hal Sparks will be in the clips instead of just talking about them! But he'll also be talking about them. I don't know if they're going to show anything about Season 4 but given the timing, I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

And I might as well say this now: I don't have Showtime any more so when season 4 starts, please put spoilers under the cut tag!
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does anyone know what the crap this means?

Have at you!
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I got it in an e-mail. That was the entire text of the e-mail. There were no attachments. I don't want to click on the links. Is it just a really incoherent ad for that Paris Hilton video? Anyway, as Strong Bad would say, DELETED!

Speaking of Paris Hilton, I saw part of "The Simple Life" yesterday. (What? I'm sick. You're supposed to watch crappy TV when you're sick). I know why people like it. Normally, they feel inferior to her because our culture worships people for being young, pretty and having money they didn't earn. This show allows ordinary people with low self esteem to feel superior to people like her because they can think "at least I could work at the Sonic Burger and not screw it up." I don't really understand why she and her friend agreed to do that show. It's not very flattering. In what little I saw of the show, she came off as rude and childish. Maybe they're just saving the part where she learns respect for her fellow humans and the value of an honest day's work for sweeps week. Yes.
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Spoilers, but probably not anything you'd care about.
But first, here's a funny story: They finally brought my new washing machine today. And while they were delivering it, they left the door open and a big brown cat wandered in. Snape was already hiding under my bed, as she does when the maintenance people come in. So the cat just walked around and went into the kitchen and ate Snape's food. I just let it, since there wasn't a lot of food down there. Then when it had finished, it stood there meowing for more. I ended up having to herd it outside.

And now, the spoilers for various shows and stuff:
Ahh, lots of gay stuff on my TV lately. First, the new Simpsons episode, with the above quote (the Subject, I mean). And the bits with J.K.R. and Sir Ian were great. Struck me as a bit of an unoriginal joke (the Macbeth thing) but I still liked it. And I liked, in response to Lisa's question about what's going to happen at the end of Harry Potter: "He's going to grow up and marry you. Is that what you want to hear?" "Yes." And I liked all the James Bond stuff. And starting sentences with contractions. Then, there was Malcolm in the Middle, where Malcolm says he's probably gay. Though he wasn't serious.

Then I stayed up to watch QAF. And I was like "there'd better be some sex in this one" y'know, to make it worth staying up for, because I was tired. And there was. Imagined Ben/Michael and then Brian and Justin, though not with each other. (Ehh, it probably makes more sense if you've seen it).

Then this morning, because [ profile] mahwlee mentioned it, I rented Total Eclipse. Since I had to take the day off work to wait for the washing machine. The sex really doesn't compare with QAF but I'm not one to turn down frontal nudity. And it was a good movie. Ah, Verlaine. So vulnerable. So tragic. So I would never make excuses for his behavior if he weren't portrayed by the dreamy David Thewlis.
...From some site I found that I can't really read because it's in French:

He does look like Leo DiCaprio. LOL. And "click here" in French is "cliquez ici." I like that. Too bad I dropped French after 8th grade. But I can muddle my way through the site. That's not too bad.
But isn't that sweet? Verlaine drew a picture of him.
Some odd thoughts on the movie:
- I loved David's line "I don't like getting drunk. I mean, I like getting drunk; I don't like being drunk."
Edit: I got the quote a bit wrong. It's actually "Don't think that I like getting drunk. I mean, I do like getting drunk; I don't like being drunk." OK then.
- my, that woman who played his wife was well endowed.
- ditto David.
- I don't get it with them both having tumors. Does absinthe give you cancer? I don't see anything about him having cancer in his biography.
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Aw, it's halfway over now. It'll probably be re-run some time. And, ironically, I'm watching him on my QAF DVD, which I could watch any damn time! I just forgot it was on today.
Ok, I checked and it's on tomorrow. And I can see it if I get out early from my stupid class taught by a stupid Republican.


Sep. 23rd, 2003 03:36 pm
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Just cruisin around IMDB and I came across some idiot teenyboppers on the message board spewing about "leik OMG Hal Sparks is so not gay!!!1! hes 2 cyoot!!1!4!that wuold be leik so disguesting!!@#@~!@" Stupid, ignorant little homophobic pricks. I hear that kind of thing so often - girls getting upset that their favorite hottie actor might be gay. I don't think he is but it'd be cool if he were, just to disappoint them.
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I should probably be working right now. But there isn't a whole lot to do. We need to order some new primers but we've been having some problems with getting orders processed. Dr. Smith went up to the department office to whup them into shape. So I'm sitting here, waiting for my gel to polymerize and my tea to brew. Here's a quiz:

find your queer
as folk personality

When I saw the answer choices, I knew I'd be Justin. I wanna be Brian. I just need to work on being more vain. I want some new shoes. And I want to be able to draw comics like Justin. I just saw the episode where he and Michael start the comic based on Brian. That's cool. I thought about that - doing a comic where my friends and I are superheroes. My friend Jackie once wrote this whole long anime/fantasy story like that. Maybe we could do it together. Yeah, like with all the free time I have right now.

I went to class last night. Boring as usual. Oh well. I'm probably going to write a program for work. That'll be cool. Just a simple thing to analyze sequences so we can identify STRs and design some new primers, specifically for macaques. They're working on sequencing the macaque genome, you know. Pretty cool. Oh, I'm supposed to be looking for articles, aren't I? Aw, John said to run the gel first. And it's not quite ready. Almost. Ok, maybe about now. What the heck. There really isn't much to do today.

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