Mar. 21st, 2011

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They played it in Rango briefly and it was the theme from Raising Arizona. It's a cover of Pete Seeger's Way Out There, with Ode To Joy thrown in too. I like it.

I was whistling along and my cat actually came over and stood on my lap and stuck her face right in front of my mouth, as if to say "how are you even making that horrible sound??" She doesn't like it when I sing or play the guitar either. Poor kitty.
gmonkey42: cartoon Sephiroth (Default)
I've been watching Archer on Netflix and I just saw the last episode (of season 1 - I think season 2 is airing? But I don't get FX).

It's one of those cartoons like on Adult Swim where there's a lot of swearing and sex jokes and it's really funny. Sterling Archer is a sort of James Bond-type spy except he's all irresponsible and kind of stupid. He's voiced by that guy who was on Family Guy and Bob's Burgers and when you hear him, you go "ohh, it's that guy!" And Aisha Tyler does the voice of another spy, and there's also Chris Parnell, René Auberjonois, and Jessica Walter and Jeffrey Tambour from Arrested Development!

Ahh, apparently its creator also did Sealab 2021. I'll have to watch that - is it on Netflix?? Aw, it is but not for instant play. OK, season 1 is in my queue.

Speaking of shows I want to get around to seeing: Venture Brothers. My old housemate recommended it highly. That is also not available for instant play.

I need to hurry up and watch The Sixth Sense so I can send it in and get my next disc (yeahh, I don't know, I've only seen it the once, I wanted to watch it again and see how it is knowing he's a ghost. Yeah, sorry for the spoiler, Hayley Joel Osment is a ghost.)

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