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They played it in Rango briefly and it was the theme from Raising Arizona. It's a cover of Pete Seeger's Way Out There, with Ode To Joy thrown in too. I like it.

I was whistling along and my cat actually came over and stood on my lap and stuck her face right in front of my mouth, as if to say "how are you even making that horrible sound??" She doesn't like it when I sing or play the guitar either. Poor kitty.
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I just met my monthly limit of free listening on Pandora. Dammit, what did I listen to those ads for?

I'm just kidding.


At least it's almost March.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]This one, but only with the video.

Without the video, it's the worst song.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I listen to my Music to Promote Sleep CD. Does it really work? Who knows? But it sounds soothing while I'm lying there too tired to do something interesting but unable to fall asleep. I usually do fall asleep before the CD ends.
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First you trick me into liking a Jason Mraz song and now you've got me not only liking Death Cab For Cutie but actually wanting to get an album or two from them on iTunes.

...somehow I am totally unabashed about liking Shakira and Gaga but Death Cab for Cutie is kind of embarrassing.

On the plus side, Zachary Quinto apparently thought they were cool two years ago. So I've got that going for me.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]WEIRD AL and YES.

My parents are awesome for letting me listen to Weird Al. They also let me read MAD magazine.
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I went to my singing class today: we learned about different categories of voices (Tenor, Baritone, etc.) and the teacher said if anyone wanted to, we could see him after class and sing some scales and he'd tell us which one he thought we were. So I took advantage of that. I'm a Mezzo Soprano! Yay!

Can I just drop out of school and be Shakira for a while? That would be fun.
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..but as of now I officially have a girl-boner for Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

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Every Wednesday, people meet up in the Physical Oceanography lab down the hall to play folk/bluegrass and I finally brought my guitar and went. It's super fun! I had assumed it was for more advanced musicians but there are other people at about my level so that's cool. I can't read tablature quick enough to be able to play along on a song I don't already know but I did fine playing the chords and strumming along. I made a photocopy of Keep On The Sunny Side so I can practice more at home.

This is way better than going to CSUMB for meditation class.
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1. My original plan was to come to the lab for a few hours before Seminar to work on my thesis stuff (priority 1: IACUC application!) but there's a thesis defense this afternoon, so instead I arrived shortly before Seminar then worked on my IACUC application and now I'm about to go to the thesis defense for free food - I mean to support my fellow student - no, mainly it's the free food. I helped this student with her subtidal work!

2. I thought there would be more bullet points but the defense starts at 4:00 so I need to go down to the seminar room in a minute. Uhhhh. I really thought there was something else to post. I'm hungry. My flu is getting better. I'm still a little congested but it's like 80% better now.

3. Oh! I remember what the other thing was: I'm listening to Pandora Radio and a song came on and I thought "wow, I like this! Who is this?" And it was Jason Mraz. I think I have to punch myself in the face.
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and he had no right to get up on the stage and prove what an asshole he is and probably make a teenager cry, BUT Taylor Swift's songs are awful.

The evidence: Video of "You Belong With Me" (WARNING! IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS) - I only managed to watch the first 90 seconds. ...Alright, for the sake of fairness I went back and watched the whole thing. Yep, still sucks.

As I was watching it, I thought "wait, didn't she also do 'Teardrops on My Guitar,' which is pretty much exactly the same song?"


Here's an idea: if you're going to make songs and videos that cast the pretty cheerleader as the villain in competition with you, the poor, ordinary girl, for the love of some nondescript boy, maybe try NOT looking like this in that same video:

Oh, wait, it's OK, Taylor's character in the other video isn't anything like those evil pretty girls because not only does she just happen to have exactly the same tastes in everything as the boy in question and she'll never stir up DRAMA by getting mad when he says something douchey or expecting him to care about her feelings or needs or anything, not only that, but in this other video her character is wearing GLASSES: Hermione? You look different.


Apr. 18th, 2008 10:53 am
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In honor of my approximately eleventy-fifth re-reading of The Last Continent, I've learned how to play Waltzing Matilda. Practically all the songs I know are folk music. Now I know folk music from two countries!
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We're subletting from another genetics company, till we move to our own space in August, and the people who work for the other company have the radio on this top 40 station all the time. Fortunately, I can't hear it over here; I only encounter it when I go over to the room for running gels. I just don't get why they want to hear the same 3 songs all day, every day. I'll bet they listen to the same thing in their cars too.

The 3 songs, in case anyone's wondering:
- a cover of some irritating song about angels that came out a few years ago, except this time it's a woman singing it. Possibly Jessica Simpson. I don't know.
- that song where Britney Spears drowns in the video but then right at the end, she comes back to life, leading me to believe she's some sort of unholy immortal demon creature. As if that weren't already obvious.
- Naughty Girl, by Beyonce. Almost as repetitive as the song it's sampling.

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