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Today's Dr. Phil show is about "Secret Regrets." One guest was a 21-year-old who had an abortion about a year ago. Her shitty, cheating boyfriend pressured her to abort when she had an unplanned pregnancy and then broke up with her a month later and she regrets having had the abortion.

Dr. Phil said some sensible stuff but he concluded by saying she could deal with her guilt by working for a crisis pregnancy center or otherwise going around telling people that nobody should be allowed to have an abortion because this one person regrets having had one.

But let's consider what the alternative would have been: this immature 20-year-old would have had a baby with her shitty, cheating boyfriend who would have left her anyway. Is that better?? Her whole story just screams to me that it's a very good thing she didn't have a baby. And maybe the fact that she feels like her boyfriend, who treated her like shit all along, made her do something she wasn't comfortable with, maybe that has more to do with her regret than the fact that she had an abortion.


Feb. 14th, 2011 04:52 pm
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I put some salted tortilla chips in a bowl last night for a snack and I didn't finish them so I left the them on the table. I ate some more from the same bowl a few minutes ago.

Then about 30 seconds ago, I saw my cat jump up and lick a bunch of the chips then walk away.

For all I know, she also did that at some point last night. And I just ate chips covered in cat spit.
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1. In the winter above the arctic circle, there is no "next morning," it's dark all the time.


I liked the bit with Seth's dad as the narrator, though. That was cute.
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I would have thought a community about popular science would mostly consist of people who are either actual scientists or interested and reasonably well-informed non-scientists. Nope. It seems like about half the members don't know the first damn thing about science yet insist on arguing with those of us who do.

Case in point: this post about biocentrism, a bogus hypothesis that takes a principle of quantum mechanics, misunderstands it, and tries to use that misinterpretation to prove that human consciousness creates the universe. It's The Secret, basically.

A bunch of us explained why this is bullcrap but some people still think it's worth discussing. Because collective unconscious! Brains generate electromagnetic fields! There's, like, a lot we don't understand about the universe, man!

Congratulations, [ profile] ontd_science members who shall remain nameless, You Fail Science Forever!
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As seen on Feministing: a survey by has been erroneously interpreted to show that the average age at which gay people in Britain come out has fallen by more than 20 years. From the linked page:

The poll, which had 1,536 respondents, found that lesbian, gay and bisexual people aged 60 and over came out at 37 on average. People aged 18 and under are coming out at 15 on average.

Which would be fine EXCEPT there's a huge bias in their sampling: people who are closeted or haven't yet figured out that they're gay are not going to respond to the survey! Therefore people who respond to this survey and are under 18 are guaranteed to have come out at an age below 18! If someone who's not out did take the survey, they would just have to say "I'm not out yet." Which is not a number, you can't use that to calculate the average. It doesn't say how they handled that but I wouldn't be surprised if they just threw out those answers, or never got any of them in the first place. Which makes the entire study worthless.

I believe that the average age has decreased, that as a result of greater public acceptance, people don't have to wait as long and can recognize that they're gay at a younger age. But this survey didn't prove that.
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I DVR Glee and I hadn't seen the latest episode yet when I read manda Marcotte's post about it. So I watched it today.

Kurt is my favorite character, he's awesome. In this episode, Kurt's father had a heart attack and was in the hospital in a coma. The other members of the glee club want to sing "spiritual" (a.k.a. Christian) songs at school and pray for Kurt's dad but Kurt doesn't want this because he's an atheist. He asks these people, who are supposed to be his friends, to respect his beliefs. They don't. He catches them at the hospital praying over his comatose dad. They even make the ludicrous claim that they all belong to different denominations and religions (some Christians and one Jew) so one of them must be right. He shows admirable restraint and asks them to leave.

I got pissed off and fast-forwarded through a lot of it.

Then later Mercedes, Kurt's best friend and one of the people who were praying over Kurt's dad, confronts Kurt at his locker, accuses him of missing out on experiences and of shutting out his friends. Kurt agrees and apologizes. Then he agrees to go to church with her. I turned it off at that point.

The other major problem with the episode was the only atheist character besides Kurt was the show's villain, Sue Sylvester (and the only other character I like besides Kurt). Both Kurt and Sue had stories about how they became atheists because they're mad at God.

The clear message of this episode was that Kurt's friends did a good, noble thing for Kurt by trampling all over his feelings and doing what he had specifically asked them not to do.

Several characters gently admonish Kurt that he should be nice because people are only trying to help him. When in fact they're helping themselves feel better at the expense of making Kurt feel worse. These characters are selfish assholes and they're being portrayed as generous friends, while Kurt is portrayed as being unreasonable and mean to them by rejecting the "help" he made it clear he doesn't want.

That is why I am done with Glee.
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As seen on Shakesville.

Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild is declared Douche of the Decade by Gawker and he responds by not only threatening to sue in a poorly-worded e-mail but also by sending the editor this photo:

I admit that is fairly douchey but I think we can do better:

Come on Joe, reach for the stars!
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You've probably seen the ad before: it has an animation of a cartoon woman getting thinner. It's an ad for some ripoff diet program.

And I didn't put an arrow pointing to the banner at the top but notice it also uses an image of a woman in a bikini to sell something for the beauty industry.

This calls for a new tag!

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