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[Error: unknown template qotd]OK.

1. Nobody's sign changed, it's just that the date range for each sign has shifted for people born after the new one was added.

2. Doesn't this type of question demonstrate that everyone knows astrology is bullcrap anyway? If they think their sign says something important and profound about who they are but they also think it can change?

Despite the Barnum statements, Libra never fit me. Extroverted? Romantic? Indecisive? Gullible? Sociable? Hell no.

I think I'd rather be Scorpio. They have pinchers and a stinger. Plus I like Adam Sandler's version: "You are shrewd in business and cannot be trusted. You shall achieve the pinnacle of success because of your total lack of ethics. You are the perfect son-of-a-bitch. Most Scorpios are murdered."
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Pfff. Yes. As long as they cleaned up all the blood. And it wasn't a case of a serial killer targeting everyone who rented that house. That would be a dealbreaker.

In honor of this and many other silly Writer's Block questions, I have created a new tag: paranormal crap.

ETA: I read the latest answers and all the ones that weren't in Russian (I can't read Russian) said it wouldn't qualify as their dream house if it weren't haunted. LOL. It's funny how so often the writer of the prompt assumes everyone will give the same answer.
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Every morning, I go to Safeway to get my breakfast, because it's right near where I work. This morning, I saw on the cover of some tabloid at the checkstand: "GAY ALIENS FOUND IN UFO WRECK." And there was a picture of two alien skeletons having buttsex. My first thought was "cool. Gay aliens." But then I thought: do we really know enought about alien morphology to be able to sex-type the skeletons? What if it's just two straight aliens? That would be disappointing. And then I thought if they weren't so busy having sex, maybe they wouldn't have crashed their ship. Stupid aliens.
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I don't even know what some of these mean. Loves to take things at the center? The center of what? The Earth? One's social circle? A custard-filled donut? I want a donut.

Loves to chat.
Loves those who loves them.
Loves to takes things at the center. - no but I love good grammar.
Inner and physical beauty. - uhh, not so sure about the inner beauty. Can you have inner beauty and still be sort of... evil and stuff? As for physical beauty, I look pretty OK when I fix myself up.
Lies but doesn't pretend. - No. I'm very careful to be dishonest without technically lying. Like an Aes Sedai.
Gets angry often. - have you noticed that, like, half the time, my mood is "Pissed off?"
Treats friends importantly. - Oh yeah. My friends are a big priority. Right after my website, work, TKD, my family and my cat. And chocolate.
Always making friends.
Easily hurt but recovers easily. - If anything, I'm the opposite.
Does not care of what others think. - I wish.
Strong clairvoyance.
Loves to travel, the arts and literature.
Touchy and easily jealous.
Loves outdoors.
Just and fair.
Spendthrift. - Only occasionally
Easily influenced.
Easily loses confidence.
Loves children.
- HAhahaha. I like children about as much as Snape does.

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