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[Error: unknown template qotd]I would be like Sylar and make the roach my little buddy.

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Not that it was going to have an ending but I left it with a To Be Continued. And I had ideas for the next episode! But then Heroes got canceled. Plus I got my wireless router and started using my laptop mostly, rather than my desktop where I have Sims 2 installed. But I could still do it.

I could even install Sims 2 on my laptop, where it would probably run better. Except I've been trying to keep the laptop just for school/work. But I've already broken that rule a bunch of times: Zoo Tycoon, various Diner Dash type games, Star Trek Online (that was only because it wouldn't run at all on my desktop), and now Minecraft. So having Sims 2 on here wouldn't hurt. Hmm.
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Here's another page from Sylar's scrapbook. I mean, how can you take a road trip and not make a page about it for your scrapbook?

Sylar's scrapbook page featuring Maya and Alejandro

See the previous page here
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Now on the DOWNLOADS POST: New custom content for Sylar!

And now, on with the show! Did you know there are other Heroes in Simtown besides Mohinder and Sylar?

Meet the Petrelli family!

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Heroes 4x18

Feb. 1st, 2010 11:41 pm
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So... Peter/Sylar is totally canon now, right?

I don't really have anything else to say about this episode.
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Yoda & Me: a podcast
featuring a guy and a senile, nonsensical Yoda. In this episode, outtake footage from Empire Strikes Back with guest star ZACHARY QUINTO as the director.
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I'm not usually able to live-blog it because I have neither WiFi nor a TV in the computer room, but tonight I'm at my parents' house (I had to come by to get my cat after they cat-sat for me this weekend, and it was nasty and rainy so I decided to drive back tomorrow). And my parents have both WiFi and a TV in my room. w00t!

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Meanwhile, I'm browsing and there's this behind-the-scenes photo gallery from The Fifth Stage where it shows how they did the bit where Nathan falls (and turns back into Sylar as soon as he's out of Peter's range). Wow, that does not look comfortable. I guess there's probably a harness under the shirt. But it looks like they just have to balance on their butt on a giant pole.
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I was going to do another mini story like the Thanksgiving one but I've spent the last three days baking and knitting so it's just two snapshots.

Happy Holidays from Mohinder, Sylar and Mr. Muggles!

Mohinder: "If this is another brain in a jar..."

Yes, that is Sasan's owl sweater. You can't really see Mohinder's sweater but it has reindeer on it.


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Did you all know Jack Coleman, a.k.a. HRG, has a blog on Television Without Pity? He does.

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From Heroes wiki: Theories about waffles. It is full of LOL and win.
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Since I re-watched part of season 3 last night instead of working on my presentation for class, I thought of something that's been bugging me:
Sylar couldn't have been more than about 4 when his bio-dad sold him to Martin and Virginia in 1980, because if he were older then he would have remembered living with his bio-parents. It makes sense that he repressed the memory of that one day but it wouldn't make sense for him to repress all his memories prior to that, unless he was just too young to remember much anyway. So that would put Sylar's age at about 32 in season 3.

When he confronted Martin (his adoptive dad), he said Martin had left 27 years ago. That would make Sylar about 5 when Martin left, only a year after he adopted Sylar.

Why then was Sylar's repair shop called "Gray & Son," if it would be 13 years before Sylar would be able to take over his dad's business? Who ran the business in the meantime? Martin left town; if he'd continued running his shop then it would have been pretty easy for his wife to find him. So did she take over the shop until Sylar was old enough? That doesn't seem likely, since she doesn't see his watch-repairing as anything more than a hobby.

OR did Sylar start his own shop and choose the name Gray & Son himself because he is just that messed up in the head that he wants to live the fantasy of his father still being there and approving of him?

Is it any wonder Sylar's a Woobie for a lot of fans? In addition to being the Big Bad and Draco in Leather Pants.
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Thanksgiving at the Petrelli house!

Sylar: "OM NOM NOM"

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Finally a post where angry!Sylar icon is appropriate!

So Zach Quinto is tentatively attached to a "romantic dramedy" indie film and a shitload of fans are reacting like "LOL, I hope he seduces the son instead! I couldn't imagine him in a straight role! Because he's so incredibly gay!"
Like here:

If he is in fact gay, it's exactly this kind of shit that prevents him from being 100% out to the public. That is why gay actors have to "not talk about their personal lives," because straight assholes think gay actors can only play gay roles!

He has already been completely believable in two straight roles: Sylar and Spock! They're both straight! How could anyone not see that?

"I wouldn't find him believable in a straight role" isn't cute. It's not just because you're a slash fan. It's homophobic and it sucks. Do we think he's actually a superpowered serial killer IRL? And simultaneously an alien scientist? An actor doesn't have to have any traits in common with their character (OK, except physical appearance), that's the whole point!

It would be great if there were more movies where the main character is gay. But for the sake of his career, he needs to play a straight romantic lead - WHICH HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IF EVERYONE WEREN'T REACTING THE WAY THEY ARE.

Someone cool in the ontd_startrek thread made the excellent point that straight actors are allowed to play gay roles, like Sean Penn and Heath Ledger. What it comes down to is straight people are seen as multifaceted, being straight is just one part of their whole identity. But society sees gay people as being defined by their orientation. They can't be anything else, they're just A Gay. That's why people think gay characters are inappropriate for children's books/movies, because knowing that a gay person exists makes people think about weird freaky sex, because in their minds that's all we're about. We're one-dimensional, we don't get to be seen as whole people.

And that is why I am pissed off today by well-meaning but clueless straight people.
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Sylar continues to act all weird and nice. One day, as Mohinder comes home from work...

Mohinder: "Sy- uh, Gabriel? What are you doing?"

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But lately she's just been in one crappy, sexist rom-com after another.

This never would have happened if they hadn't killed off Elle on Heroes.

ETA: You know what bugs me about the Shakesville comments, though? When Zach Quinto was in a short film (Hostage: a Love Story) in which the central joke was about domestic violence, everyone piled on like the sexism was entirely and solely his fault, like nobody else was involved in making the film. And some people blamed his presumed orientation for his alleged misogyny, which is not-cool on so many levels.

Conversely, when there's more than one famous person (some of them women) involved in this film where the central joke is about domestic violence and there are a bunch of other sexist stereotypes on top of that, the reaction is not to act as if it was all their idea and they wrote the script themselves, it's to say "why Kristen Bell, why?" the latter being a much more appropriate response.
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OK, now that I've seen it a second time (how did I ever live without DVR?) SPOILERS )

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