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Oh my freaking god, Zumba is the most fun workout EVER. And it's not too hard to follow; with my dance training, I picked it right up. And it's a good workout. I think my abs are going to be sore tomorrow!

I know I've enjoyed a class when I don't want to stop afterward and I have to make myself calm down and rest so I don't overdo it and be totally wiped out the next day. I want to keep dancing!

And it included Shakira's Waka Waka song! I just taught myself the dance steps for that today from the video on YouTube! That was cool. I mean, it was largely that song that made me want to go to Zumba. But then I went to the class and I thought "wouldn't it be cool if they had that song? Nahh, they probably won't- HOLY CRAP IT'S THAT SONG! I LOVE THAT SONG!"

Then I had Pad See Ew and some ice cream. Good times.

Shou Shu!

Feb. 16th, 2010 10:09 am
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I need a martial arts icon. I went to my first class at a dojo in Monterey last night. My tiny-yet-super-badass friend from the lab goes there. She's done Krav Maga for years but there wasn't a Krav Maga school nearby so she's started Shou Shu instead and she's been raving about it so I decided to go. I like it! One of the instructors is a young woman so that's cool too.

It's very different from Tae Kwon Do. The instructors had to keep reminding me to relax about every 30 seconds. It didn't help that I haven't done much martial arts for about 6 years and I was nervous, on top of my body automatically wanting to do the more rigid TKD stances. Shou Shu is much more practical than TKD, it's all about self-defense in real life. Whereas TKD is very formal and there's a lot that would be totally useless in a real fight. Still, things like knowing how to throw a punch and watch your opponent's body language to see what they're going to do next are definitely useful.

It's weird being a beginner but sort of not. It's the same with my molecular biology class, I have to resist the urge to put pressure on myself and expect to do everything perfectly because I have prior experience. I worry that other people will have that expectation. But if they do, they're dicks. So there.

I'm going again tonight if I get out of the student body meeting in time.


Jun. 14th, 2009 11:48 am
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I rode my bike to the hardware store today! I had not ridden a bike in years! I needed to buy a small stepladder (along with a drop cloth - I'm finally painting the bathroom and bedroom!) so that made it a little awkward but I hung it from the handlebars and that worked. BUT I had not taken into account that I live at the top of a hill. I had to walk up the last bit and then I collapsed on the couch for a little while.

Now I want Taco Bell for lunch. I COULD ride my bike - there are a lot of stores close enough to my house that I can start biking to them, it's so cool - but I'm still a little tired :(

AND I need energy to start painting. I have all the supplies I need now, no more stalling!

OK, driving to Taco Bell and then I'll get painting.

Mmm, taco salad (hold the beef, extra beans).

ETA: It was not a big ladder! It's about 2 feet high. So it easily balanced on my handlebars. I'm not THAT crazy ;)
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Does scuba diving count?

But seriously, I've thought about doing a triathlon, if I had the time and inclination to train for about six months. Maybe someday.
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Wow, lots of public posts today!

It thought I'd get more done but I've been sitting around waiting for a driver for my camera to download. I was just doing some routine updates this morning when a message popped up saying I had to get a critical update for the firmware that would prevent the camera from catching on fire*. So I downloaded that but when I tried to install it from my computer, it said I had to have the driver installed and I guess I never bothered to do that. Of course I can't find the disk now, so I'm downloading the driver. It's taking hours.

I'd get something faster except I can use my parents' AOL account for free and that's pretty nice.

I don't want to leave it unattended in case AOL logs me off (it's not supposed to while I'm downloading something but it has before). So my activities for today have consisted of:
1. Practice the TurboKick routine. I've got the warm-up and punches sections down now.
2. Heat up some Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls out of one of those tubes that goes "POP!" when you open it.
3. Read things on the internet.

There's a TurboKick class tonight and I'll go to that. I assume the downloading will be done by then.

*I'm not even exaggerating. It said if I used a regular battery (instead of the rechargable battery it came with) then tried to plug it into the recharger, the camera could get way too hot and possibly catch on fire. Not that I'd do that with the battery anyway but I thought I might as well get the update.
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I went swimming at the gym yesterday. I arrived at about 5:50pm and there was a water aerobics class going on so I waited by the side of the pool, assuming it would be over at 6:00. One of the students said to me that I might as well join in. I said "isn't it over at 6:00?" and she said "no, 6:30." Argh. So I joined in and I was surprised to find it was actually mildly challenging. Which is good because by 6:30, a ton of people were waiting to use the pool. It only has two lanes and there were about 4-5 people in each lane. So I swam for about 10 minutes but it was too crowded so then I left. There was a kid in my lane who wasn't even swimming, he was just screwing around. That pisses me off.

My shoulders are actually a little sore so the water aerobics must have been good.
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Man, I'm sore. I went to belly dance on Saturday and yoga on Sunday. Tonight, I'm going to try a hip hop dance class. It's at the gym so I don't know how much of it is actually going to be technique & choreography and how much is going to be just aerobics to hip hop music. We'll see.
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I went to the gym. The boot camp class was nothing like the boot camp classes I've seen on TV. They should just call it conditioning. More people would go. Or maybe fewer people would go.

I found out the on-site daycare place is closed on weekend mornings. No wonder people don't come to the weekend morning classes. That's dumb. There were only two people in this class today. I thought I might stick around for the step class but then I thought "nahh." I don't know why step and spinning are more popular that cardio kickboxing and this thing I went to today.

I like my new shoes.

I might see Shrek 2 today, if Jackie wants to see it. I think she will.
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I took a yoga class for the first time today. And this weekend I have a Jiu-Jitsu seminar. It's going to be cool. Yoga is hard. I knew it would be but still...
So I decided to spend this time between college and work getting fitter. I just saw The Transporter. I'll be like that guy. Woh-pah!
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This is long so I'm going to use the cut tag.

hurting my foot:
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Sexism in Western Literature:
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