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I saw a thing on this mostly-accurate Sandman Timeline and I had to go back and check it myself but here's how Dream escaped:

Alex's wheelchair broke the circle. That's how Dream was able to use the guard's dreamstuff: once the circle was broken, he just had to wait till someone nearby was sleeping because he (Dream) was too weakened to reach very far. I knew he couldn't get at anything outside the circle as long as it was intact!

OK then.

Now something else is bugging me: are Eleanora (whom Lucien mentions in Brief Lives) and Alianora (the original owner of Barbie's dream land in A Game of You) just alternative spellings of the same name or are they two different people? I assumed they were pronounced the same. That'd be a weird coincidence if they're not the same person.

further discussion, cut for spoilers )
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It makes my hand all tired. I'm used to holding a pencil at an angle - and varying the angle to get different line thicknesses - and I have to hold the stylus upright and vary the pressure instead. And to get a good, solid line, I have to press pretty hard.

So the silly Lil' Endless cartoony thing might take a while. Dream's hair takes FOREVER. I'm scared to start on Death's hair because hers is pretty much the same.
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I need to make a Sandman icon. That'll rule.

In the meantime, I have a question: SPOILERS )
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I was all set to make an awesome little story about the Lil' Endless but apparently it's already been done. And published.

I think I'll do it anyway.

What is it about taking characters that we like, often from quite dark, adult fandoms, and making them kids? I did it to X-Files, back in high school (and you can see it here but excuse the crappy artwork and near-illegible lettering. I was in high school, dammit!). I admit, sometimes it can go horribly wrong - that Muppet Babies guy [ profile] valis2 met comes to mind - but it's generally cool.

Apologies for not keeping up with the f-list. I've seriously spent about 90% of my first week of freedom lying around reading the entire Sandman series. I also got The Watchmen, which I haven't even started yet. I did see your squidfic, Valis, but I want to give it a proper read before I put comments. I think I'm going to spend next week doing some drawing and get into The Watchmen later. J. (formerly Cool Boss) says it's the best comic ever. He never got into Sandman, though, so I might have to respectfully disagree. Still, I was very impressed with Alan Moore in V for Vendetta (I never did see the movie).

Haha, I just made an awesome joke: my brother and I were making various things out of paper to throw at each other. He made a cool paper airplane that does loop-de-loops. I, in addition to making a crappy plane and a crane, crumpled a strip of paper lengthwise, claimed it was a snake, and put it on his plane. Snakes on a Plane!

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