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Jun. 18th, 2009 09:36 pm
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I decided to re-make my Snape icon but Photoshop it so his cranium is at least vaguely human-shaped. Seriously, why did she draw his head all flat on top?

Snape: now with a normal head and LENS FLARE!
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Now if only I had $600 to waste on a single item for a costume.
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A new Potter Puppet Pals! Wizard Swears. Featuring all the pals, plus a new one! Neville!!
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This is tangential to it but a commenter on [ profile] innerbrat's post corrected me on something and she's absolutely right: I've been complaining about how Sirius/Remus could have been given more textual support by keeping Remus mysteriously single for books 5-7 and then giving him a male partner in the epilogue (because he didn't die either). And instead JKR killed the one potential gay pairing in the series by having Remus wind up with Tonks.

The commenter pointed out that Tonks/Remus happening doesn't mean Remus/Sirius didn't happen; Remus could be bi. I totally overlooked that.

My only excuse is I was blinded by the horribleness of Remus/Tonks. He was so miserable the whole time and then suddenly having a baby makes everything OK. And then they die. And we hardly get to see anything about how Tonks felt throughout the whole thing; she must have been aware of how unhappy Remus was with her, through no fault of her own.
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I don't feel like doing anything productive right now so I'm going around reading people's reactions on the internets. I really like [ profile] florence_craye and [ profile] innerbrat's posts on it. I was reading comments on The Stranger and someone said they don't see why sexual orientation should be mentioned in children's books. Because BEING GAY IS NOT ALL ABOUT SEX. SEX ACTUALLY HAS VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH IT. It's stupid to say it's appropriate that sexual orientation wasn't brought up in Harry Potter because IT WAS BROUGHT UP. The following characters were all identified as having opposite-sex partners:
Remus (sigh)
Tonks (SIGH)

That's just off the top of my head. Sexual orientation comes up ALL THE TIME in children's books because children's books include straight couples. Straight people often don't get that "sexual orientation" means "straight" too. A lot of people think just being out means you're flaunting yourself but if that's true then straight people flaunt themselves all the time, by not actively hiding the fact that they're straight. It's called heteronormativity and it's why many of us are disappointed that JKR didn't just include in DH even one sentence indicating more explicitly that Dumbledore was gay, given that she had evidently planned that he was gay, and didn't just come up with it on the spur of the moment during her public appearance (I think). It would've been easy to include it without disrupting the story. There could've been a line in Rita's book that said Dumbledore was actually in love with Grindlewald and the conversation could've gone:
Harry: "wait, Dumbledore was gay?"
Ron: "Ew!" [because it's already a well established fact that Ron is a huge asshole]
Hermione: (eyeroll) "Well, it makes sense. We've never heard of him being involved with women. Anyway, he's still the same person we knew all along."
Ron: "Yeah, I guess so."
See? And then they move on with the 500 pages of bickering in a tent, which was apparently had such important narrative flow that JKR couldn't risk interrupting it with the shocking fact that gay people exist.

The other thing that REALLY troubles me and makes me think we shouldn't give JKR too much credit is the audience question that prompted her to say Dumbledore was gay:
She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds "true love."

"Dumbledore is gay," the author responded to gasps and applause.

THAT DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION! It was a yes-or-no question. Not "what was Dumbledore's love life like?" or similar. How on earth could she have thought that was a suitable answer? There are only two possibilities: she meant that gay people always find true love - which we know isn't what she meant because Dumbledore didn't - or she meant that gay people never find true love. That's sickening. Maybe I'm just pissed off at the moment but JKR can take her pseudo-progressiveism and all but one of her major characters being straight white males and shove them up her ass. I agree with [ profile] innerbrat that I'd rather she hadn't said it at all.

Pretending that sexual orientation is invisible is no different from pretending we're "colorblind" and it does every bit as much damage. Characters whose race isn't stated are assumed to be white, and are portrayed by white actors in the movies. Having a story where gay people are never mentioned but practically all of the characters wind up in hetero relationships means either gay people don't exist in the HP universe or they all have to be in the closet - as I suspect is the case with Dumbledore. It's either hopelessly naive or deliberately disingenuous to claim that Dumbledore was gay the whole time but nobody ever brought it up simply because being gay was a total non-issue in the HP universe. And what about Dudley's homophobic remarks? If gay people are totally equal in magical society then why didn't Harry think something along those lines? I don't buy it.

it's getting long; here's more )

Although I will say it's a credit to JKR and the Harry Potter series that it spurs serious discussion on real-life issues.

I'm famous!

Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:45 am
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Download the latest Snapecast and go to 1:13:55. That's me, from Prophecy! With my awesome theory that conclusively disproves the existence of Snevans.

Unless the pining-for-someone-causes-loss-of-magic-ability thing only happens to women. In which case the HP universe is just sexist and I don't like it and I'll have to make up my own Snape universe. Where there's no Snevans.

Sorry, Snevans shippers.

Alright, I'm gmonkey42 and I thought of a theory last night: Snape did not experience the loss of magic effect that seems to result from unrequited love, as we've seen with Merope Gaunt and with Tonks. Therefore, 'cause I don't like Snevans, so I think maybe that's evidence that he wasn't romantically in love with her, that it was just friendship love.

I think that was pretty grammatically coherent for someone who hasn't had breakfast yet.

Was the last one [ profile] snapetoy? About Lily being fuckin insane and Snape being self-lubricating? That sounded like her.
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DH comic! I don't know who the artist is. Lizzy333's journal seems to be all in Russian.

the title of the comic is spoilery )
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I'm tired from the scuba class today so my Prophecy posting might take a few days. I also might organize these more later. For now, here are some of my favorite pictures.

Prophecy 2007: A Cornucopia of Love

(for those of you who don't know, that's me on the left, as Lockhart)

more pictures )

Annecdotes coming later, because it's almost 10:00PM and I have to be in the pool by 8:00AM again tomorrow.
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Check out Gibberish in Neutral's Deathly Hallows summary (with SPOILERS)

I could've done with a little less of random characters talking like lolcats but apart from that it's great.

ALSO (no spoilers in this bit): I couldn't quite put my finger on where "Potterdammerung" came from so I looked it up. In my defense, I don't know a damn thing about opera. That's actually really clever. Does anyone know who thought of it?
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Deathly Hallows comics, part 2 )

Also I've finally made an icon of the new Sparklypoo design. Feel free to use it, just give me credit in the comments.
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Deathly Hallows comics! )

EagainTA: As requested: The Malfoys! ALSO CONTAINS SPOILERS
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Because I'm waiting for my brother to get home so he can scan my hilarious DH comics (he won't let me use his computer myself), here's some more rambling. Not going to do the highlight-to-read-it thing because the comments are going to have spoilers in normal text anyway.


ETA: and another thing )
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I thought it was tomorrow. Haha. If I get off work early enough, I should be able to see it this afternoon. Before those damn schoolkids get out. Wait, it's summer. Crap. OK, it might be a few days before I see it.

I'd never do that with the books but the movies don't matter so much to me. They're good and everything but they screw up Snape so much I've gotten to the point where they're totally disconnected from the books in my mind. So I don't mind so much if I don't see the movie right away. I'll avoid the spoilers, though.

I couldn't have gone at midnight even if I'd known: I was on another boat trip and got seasick again. I threw up this time. BUT I managed to do all my work. I'm proud of that. We were out for about 12 hours and I got home at 6:00PM feeling like crap. I still feel a little off now. I'm going to see about getting a prescription for the anti-seasickness patch. That's supposed to be good.

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