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Yet another Uhura bashing post by a woman-hating slash fan!

This one does something I haven't seen before: reading things into the characters' facial expressions that were never there! For example, here's Uhura at Kirk's academic misconduct hearing:

God, what a bitch!

Wait, what? She's sitting there with a neutral expression just like everyone else. But no! According to the author, that is a smug expression. And therefore Uhura is a huge hypocrite for liking Spock but not liking Kirk, because being aloof is the same as hitting on you even after you say you're not interested and grabbing your boobs.

Or something.

Also did you know that including a female character who plays an important role in the plot and has a boyfriend is INSULTING to women? Because having a female character in a sci-fi movie is just pandering to the chick flick crowd; if the writers respected their female audience, they'd know we only want to see male characters. That we can slash.

...or something.

This is in contrast to the great respect the author has for women when she says Uhura is only with Spock to further her career and is therefore basically a whore. See, I thought she talked to Spock about having been unfairly assigned to the Farragut because it was Spock who made the assignment and he was the only one who had the authority to change it. But no! She actually did it because...she's a whore? And she planned this whole thing when she first started dating Spock? I guess? The fact that she works harder than most cadets is also presented as evidence of her moral failings. As is the fact that the author misheard "aural sensitivity" as "oral sensitivity." I did too! Except I just thought "wow, writers, that's a bit much!" I never thought Uhura was deliberately making a double-entendre, it was just a little jokey wink by the writers. But no, it's more evidence that she's trapped Spock into this horrible relationship that's keeping him from his beloved Kirk who he doesn't yet know at this point, because all women are evil prostitutes and they should probably kill her off in the next movie because fuck female characters.

Yeah, I give up.

ETA: I just thought of this, what's especially laughable about this idea that Uhura is just using poor Spock: HE CAN READ HER MIND. If she's just pretending to care about him but is really only with him because of his status ( does that even work? What century does this take place in?) there's no way she'd be able to fool Spock. If she's using him, he knows and is apparently OK with it.

So what the fuck ever.

fic rec!

Mar. 15th, 2010 10:01 pm
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I'm kind of late to the party with this but I finally read Refractions by [ profile] bigmamag and it's good. K/S, in two alternative universes besides AOS, and they all meet up with each other thanks to a wonky space phenomenon. I liked it. A handful of misused words but the story is compelling enough that that didn't bother me too much. It came to my attention because the author posted a new sort of prequel one-off that takes place in the badass universe. That one is good too.
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Click here for the MASTER POST to see previous chapters.

I was going to do another mini story like the Thanksgiving one but I've spent the last three days baking and knitting so it's just two snapshots.

Happy Holidays from Mohinder, Sylar and Mr. Muggles!

Mohinder: "If this is another brain in a jar..."

Yes, that is Sasan's owl sweater. You can't really see Mohinder's sweater but it has reindeer on it.


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And bonus! Next Generation! The pairings surprised and delighted me.

Maybe they're pretty common pairings, I haven't read Next Generation fic.
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Click here for the MASTER POST to see previous chapters.

Thanksgiving at the Petrelli house!

Sylar: "OM NOM NOM"

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Click here for the next part: Christmas!
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I started writing this as a comment in response to [ profile] stella_polaris's post, here, but it was getting long and I decided to make it an entry in my own journal instead.

Briefly, [ profile] stella_polaris said how cool Scully was and how it's so hard to find another fandom/series with such a great female character and I totally agree.

The inability of most writers to come up with good female characters reminds me of how stores that aren't stereotypically feminine (like hardware stores) sometimes have stupid marketing gimmicks to try to get more female customers, like selling hammers with pink flowers printed on them. Like women never want a hammer for, you know, hammering things, as opposed to matching our nail polish.

The problem is rooted in writers having the idea that men are people and women are Other, we're Not-Men, and therefore we can't possibly have the same motivations or feelings as normal human beings. Some writers get that they're supposed to make "strong" female characters and they end up writing the inhuman, ballbusting Mary Sues because that's the only alternative to "damsel in distress" that they can come up with. It's sad.

I was thinking last night about the reasons why people like slash (because, according to [ profile] mijan, some asshole at Phoenix Rising gave a talk claiming that slash fans hate women's bodies and want to be men*. Nice.). I say the reason male slash is so much more popular than femslash in most fandoms is because most fandoms have no more than one, and often zero, female characters that are interesting and well-developed (as characters, not boob-wise) enough to write about. Buffy and Xena are two exceptions, where there are more cool female characters, and there we see more femslash. It occurred to me that Harry Potter fails DTWOF's movie litmus test "The Rule", which states that a movie (or book series in this case) should have:

1. At least two female characers who...
2. to each other...
3. ...about something other than a man.

Harry Potter fails on the third one. We hardly ever see two female characters talking to each other and when they do, it's always about a male. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure there isn't one single scene out of all six books where two female characters have a conversation that isn't about Harry, Draco or Voldemort. In contrast, the male characters talk to each other about all kinds of things besides women: school, sports, plans for the future, other people of their own gender.

Not that I'm trying to hate on J.K. Rowling - she's no worse than any other mainstream author. My point is that HP slash is naturally going to be pretty male-centric because the source material is male-centric. It's harder to write a relationship between two characters when we never see them interact with each other in canon. I think even more important than the difficulty in writing femslash is the difficulty in getting an audience for it. Fanfic is much more popular than unpaid, web-based original fiction because you already have a built-in audience. That's why bad writers warp the canon characters beyond all recognition: they want to write original fiction but they recognize that if it isn't attached to an established fandom then hardly anybody will read it.

When a fanfic author works with less-developed characters, there are going to be more gaps to fill in with original stuff and the impression I get is, unfortunately, the more original stuff you have to add about the characers, the harder it is to attract an audience.

Therefore, liking male slash doesn't automatically make you a misogynist.


* ETA: OK, it looks like, although the abstract said that, the actual talk didn't. But still.


Oct. 30th, 2006 05:26 am
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Guess whose drabble got rec'ed on [ profile] snupin_prophet! :D

They missed the '4' out of my name but that's OK, the link to the fic is correct.
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Check out Penny Arcade today:

I secured several Harry Potter products which (and I am being generous) do not adhere to canon. Although, the Lucius/Snape pairing appears to take place during their time at school, so for all I know that one might be legitimate.

Now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my Lucius/Snape icon because I could totally use it right now.
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On piratemonkeysinc, I mean. Inspired by [ profile] snape_a_day, I made a couple of Sims skins.

Snape and Lucius - rated PG-13 )

When I've made some bodies (after I find some good meshes for cloaks, because I have no idea how to make my own meshes), I'll put em on my site, so you can have Snape and Lucius doing naughty things to each other on your very own computer. Because, really, that's why we all bought The Sims, isn't it?

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