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AND I was carrying my diamond sword and pickaxe at the time and I'd just found about four more diamonds and a crap-ton of redstone. Now it's all gone ;___;

On the plus side, I have a new icon. Three Creeper Moon.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Haha, when I read the first sentence I thought "video games!" I heard a good definition of addiction: when you don't want to do it but you do it anyway. Except that could also apply to homework... You know what I mean. The line is where you do the thing that's bad for you not because you enjoy it and are willing to make the tradeoff between "bad for you" and "fun," but rather because you feel a compulsion to do it.

I can't spend more than a few hours gaming without taking a break for eating/peeing/resting. But I have spent an entire weekend mostly playing a video game: Mario RPG, FFVII, the Paper Marios, Civilization, The Sims, Minecraft. Good times.
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So I started a third world just to get a look at the biomes after the Halloween Update (the worlds that were created before the update don't have biomes) but today I played my main world, the one I posted pictures of before.

I've expanded the mine cart system to actually work for transportation. But I need to get some more iron to make more tracks because I need to place one more booster. It's a subway between my house and the adjacent island, where I'm building a castle. It works OK but it's tricky to time it right, sometimes I push the cart and I don't manage to jump in before it passes the booster and takes off. I think I need more running-up room before the booster. Got to make more tracks for that.

And I'm going to make a depot in the middle so I can have more tracks going to a third island where I'm digging a big pit. I thought it would be cool to dig into a cave from above, so you have the sunlight to kill the monsters. But so far it's just been solid rock. However, one unexpected bonus is some pigs and a cow fell in. Free pork and leather! I put it back on Easy mode, hoping some spiders would spawn on the island and I'd get some more string but then I went over to my main mine and there were two skeletons and I hadn't brought any weapons so I put it back on Peaceful mode in a hurry. I did manage to get to a safe hiding place before they shot me. They actually shot each other a little. I was hoping I could just wait in my hole for them to kill each other but they lost interest. Dang skeletons.

I have also visited THE NETHER, but so far only on Peaceful mode. So I haven't seen a Ghast yet. I don't mind putting that off for a bit. I collected some of that gold dust. But there's nothing you can do with it yet.
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Seriously, I'm not going to spend the day in front of the computer again tomorrow because I have to go to the lab for a thesis defense. BUT I did say I was going to post a picture of my house and I can't let you all down, now can I?

I planted some cacti too. And I've devised a system for placing torches to help me find my way back to my base underground. I still get lost though. There have been three times now where I just had to dig my way out and came up under the ocean. I have to plug the hole with a brick so it doesn't start flooding the mine. It won't fill the whole mine like in real life but it'll make a waterfall and make things confusing.

Also I have now mined enough iron ore that I could start making MINE CARTS. I made a video but when I try to upload it to YouTube, it just says it's configuring the video and it never finishes. I'll try again tomorrow.

And then I will go to the lab!

I actually did leave the house today; I was going to meet my classmate from Spanish to practice (and sort of tutor him because let's be honest, I'm the best student in the class apart from the one girl who speaks Spanish as a first language). But he didn't show up! I only waited about 20 minutes - we were going to meet at a cafe so I got a sandwich and tea and sat outside in the little plaza and there was a crazy guy ranting to himself the whole time. So I didn't feel like hanging around for too long.

ETA: OK, the video uploaded! Here it is:
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OK, I'm going to get back to real life tomorrow. But first, here's one more Minecraft post. With pictures!

...I realized I haven't taken a screencap of the outside of the house. OK, there will be another post with that.

The bedroom, with fancy brick fireplace:

The stairs behind the wooden rail lead down to...

...the basement, where I do my smelting:

And here's the garden at night:

In the far corner, there's a small wheat field. You can see the box where I keep my seeds and gardening tools. In the middle there's the gate in the wall that keeps the exploding creepers out and the road that leads down the beach to the dock - you can see its small tower with a light (I made another boat). And on the far right, papyrus reeds. They're for making paper, which you can then make into books and those are used to make bookshelves. The bookshelves do nothing. They just look nice in the house.

Next time: house exterior and mine pics!
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I actually quit playing voluntarily this time. As opposed to quitting when it's midnight and I have to get some sleep because I have class in the morning. I fell in lava twice in a row. And when you fall in lava, all your inventory gets burned up and it's gone forever. I had just mined a bunch of ore and diamonds and about 80 units of red dust! And they're all gone!

The second time, I thought I was doomed after I dug through to an underground waterfall and got swept way down into unexplored caverns. But I dug my way out of that! I even had to kill some zombies and the only weapon I had was a stone sword! I had to use up my good pickaxe getting out, which meant I couldn't dig any ore on the way. So I went back to my house, made another pickaxe and went back in... and fell in lava again. At least I didn't lose as much stuff the second time but I did lose a fair amount of red dust. It only appears near lava, see, so mining it is dangerous. Especially when you're kind of bad at steering with the mouse.

On the plus side, I started a new map (I started it earlier today, I mean; the falling-in-lava occurred in this new map) and this one has islands. I built a sweet house and a dock and I'm working on a wall to keep away the creepers - creepers are vine monsters that explode. They suck. I had to repair my old house twice because creepers exploded parts of it. This one has a stone wall that they can't get over. I also had a boat but I crashed it. It's a known bug that the boat steering is a little wonky. That wasn't really the reason, I just didn't realize it would break if I drove it into a wall. I didn't think I was going that fast! I am better at driving boats in real life. Also at not falling in lava. I have never fallen into lava in real life.


Oct. 23rd, 2010 08:25 am
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This is me right now:

Comixed of- panel 1- guy saying 'I'll just play Minecraft for a few minutes,' panel 2- the Enterprise built in Minecraft, panel 3- guy is a skeleton

I didn't make the Enterprise but do I kind of look like the last panel after staying up past midnight playing Minecraft. My back is bad again so I couldn't go help with the seal captures. So I played Minecraft instead. ALL DAY.

I have a bow & arrows! And I found red dust and two diamonds! And I went wandering around and built a cottage on the beach but then I died and respawned back at the starting point and now I can't find the cottage! Apart from that, it's good.

OK, off to Spanish class. It's good that I have class today or else I'd probably spend all day playing Minecraft again.
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I have got to stop leaning on my desk like that. When I'm just reading/scrolling and not typing, I tend to lean forward on my left arm while I use the mouse with my right hand. I've been using the computer a lot this week and the left side of my back aches. I think it's getting better than it was yesterday but I really have to stop leaning on my left arm.

In other news, if you have Facebook check out this Sims3 app: I'm not usually into apps but I like this one. I resisted buying Sims2 for a while, and the graphics in Sims3 don't look that much better (which is to be expected). Plus I would need a new computer and there are some major purchases I need to save up for. My car is 13 years old, for example (oh crap, that reminds me, it's overdue for an oil change). Anyway, this and Sims2 will suffice for now.

You know, "app" could also be short for "appetizer." I am definitely into those apps. Mmm, fried things in batter.


Nov. 4th, 2008 08:48 am
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No, nothing to do with the election. I have an hour before I have to get to school so I thought I'd play Puzzle Pirates. It's been so long since I played, my character is gone. I had to make a new one! I still had a ton of dubloons left! I owned two ships! They ought to send you an e-mail to warn you that's going to happen! :(

ETA: haha, false alarm. I had the wrong username. Petunia the pirate is still there. And now so's Bettybooch on the Malachite ocean. Good thing it's free!
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As my ridiculously unproductive weekend draws to a close, I'm up to the fan-boat level. So I haven't gotten all that far yet. I actually resorted to looking in a walkthrough because I couldn't figure out how to get past the fire barricade. Turns out there's just a ramp off to one side. Which is good because driving the boat full speed into the fire didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I'll bet I would've found the ramp by myself eventually if those guys didn't keep shooting rockets at me all the time >:(

On the plus side, I killed my first headcrab zombies!

Gordon is not very good at swimming. Maybe his super suit is heavy or something. I'd just like him to be able to tread water, so I can stay on the surface and look around for a minute, without having to steer upwards continuously or keep pressing A to stop him from sinking. I mean, Mario can do it. He can't hold his breath for very long either. Then again, he can take a lot more machine gun fire than I probably could, so I ought to cut him some slack.

I like the controls. Except I always have to switch it to inverted mode for the steering stick. I don't know why. I think old school games where you had to steer with the d-pad like that were inverted. That's just what I'm used to. I don't know if I'm just more into FPSes now but the controls seem a lot more intuitive than in Halo. Then again, whenever I play Halo, I'm like "wait, which button is 'jump'?" and my brother deliberately tells me the wrong one and then kills me. And we share a laugh. I've never played Halo by myself (i.e. without my brother killing me a lot); in Half Life, I can actually switch guns and shoot from cover and stuff!
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And short. It took me about 6 hours. Still an awesome game. Except the part in room 18 where I didn't know that thing up high was a button. The jumping puzzle in the next section of room 18 was messing me up too, until I realized I could just whoosh back and forth safely if I didn't touch the left D-pad. I liked the conservation of momentum thing. That was such a cool idea. And I liked dropping one turret on another turret. Hee hee.

I keep inheriting consoles from my brother - I had his Wii for a while but then he wanted it back. I never finished Mario Galaxy! :( Now that I've got the XBox set up, I might have to get another game for my birthday. I saw an ad for Civilization: Revolution. That's cool that you can get it for XBox because I have less than 1GB left on my desktop. And my laptop is just for school. No games allowed! Except Zoo Tycoon. But that's it, no other games allowed! I had the original Civilization but I think it's been through a few iterations since the last one I played. Yay triremes!
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Or is that like asking "cake: is it delicious?"

I think I want Orange Box - it's only $40 at Target now - but what I really need to know is, is it hard? Because I'm not very good at FPSes. It's hard to tell because my brother plays Halo all the damn time and is really good at multiplayer; he always kills me but I do kill him sometimes. So I'm probably not horrible at FPSes but I know I'm not great at them. If it were just puzzles but with an FPS interface, that would be cool, but I think I'd get frustrated and quit if I kept getting assaulted by headcrabs. Yahtzee liked Portal, and he doesn't like anything. On the other hand, he's probably better at shooting stuff than I am. It took me forever to beat the teddy bear World War II level in Conker's (yes there is a teddy bear WWII level in Conker's Bad Fur Day. The teddy bears are the Nazis. It's a good game but the ending is a little disappointing). So, gamer-friends, is Portal the game for me?

I just think this song is awesome END CREDITS SPOILERS
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The whole point of computers is that you can make little virtual civilizations/people/zoos etc. and play god, right? Well check this out:
SimCity Societies. Where you could, hypothetically, build your own Ankh-Morpork. The only thing better than playing god is playing patrician. Check out the Big Brother screen in The People's Republic of Steve. It's not very Vetinari but I think I want one anyway.

I'm not even going to bother commenting on the three demo cities being a guy running Ayn Rand's idea of Paradise, another guy running the aforementioned industrial totalitarian state and a woman running "Romantic City. There's a whole lotta love here - and plenty of fountains. Production is as flighty as its citizenry," and so on. Yes. Definitely not going to bother commenting on that. Did you know "a currency of hugs won't keep your city afloat"?

I'm still going to buy the game, anyway.
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Check out's "The 10 Most Irritatingly Impossible Old-School Video Games"

That probe droid was hard to kill!

ZOMG! BATTLETOADS! Man, I don't think I ever got past that hoverbike level. In my defense, we didn't own the game, we just rented it occasionally from whatever was the game-renting equivalent of Blockbuster at the time (or was Blockbuster renting out games by then? I don't remember). So I didn't get a lot of time to practice.

You know what else was hard (at least for the 7-year-old I was at the time)? Dragon Warrior. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, I just didn't really get the concept of RPGs. If the slimes didn't get me, a wyvern would. It's not that I didn't get the turn-based combat, it was the upgrading my weapons and armor sufficiently that I had trouble with. I could make it to the first town, where you go up and left a bit, and I bought the leather armor but beyond that I always got killed. And I didn't know what to do with the pond that cured rheumatism. What was that for anyway? I got some cheat codes eventually and wandered around - the Swamp Cave definitely rings a bell - but that wasn't very satisfying.

As with Battletoads, this one wasn't mine, it belonged to a friend so again I didn't get a lot of chances to play it. I did have some games, although I vaguely remember the NES technically belonged to my younger brother. I don't know why. Because girls don't play video games, I guess. I was damn good at Mario 3.
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Maybe I've just lost my touch with video games but what the hell, man? I thought Kingdom Hearts was an RPG! You know, those games where you just pick whether you're going to attack or use magic or an item or whatever, and you need practically no hand-eye coordination? The camera angles make it impossible to see whether I'm actually facing the bad guy or I'm flailing my sword in the opposite direction (yeah, that Lock On thing doesn't help either). Argh! I got to Alice In Wonderland last night and got pissed off and went to sleep. This morning I gave it another try and I got past that crap but now I can't kill Cerberus.

I think I'd better just play Dance Dance Revolution before I hurl my brother's PS2 out the window.
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My new outfit:

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Puzzle Pirates post:

There were skellies on Greenwich last night! 41 of them! I must have lost over 1000 pieces of eight to them. We had to fight them in a group of 41 and there were way too many greenies (and noobs who were yellow but still didn't know what they were doing) who either didn't know how to team or made teams greater than three, at which point the skellies would crush whoever was in that team. And I was unfortunate enough to have them team up with me before I could move to a different skellie, several times. Dangit. In the end, I decided to stop wasting my money (if you lose, they take 100 pieces of eight plus an item from your inventory. I ran out of items and actually bought some cheap bandannas so I could keep fighting them).

I want a trinket!

And a monkey. I want a monkey.


Dec. 19th, 2005 09:42 am
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I'm rich! I have two ships! And a third on the way. All sloops. Another player was quitting and he gave me his sloop, money and potions! AND I found gold ore on an uninhabited island while foraging. I couldn't believe my luck.

I ordered some blue paint to paint the Cowardly Anchovy. It should be ready by now. I had two cans of paint but I lost a pillage and the other ship took some :( Good thing they didn't take my gold!


Dec. 15th, 2005 12:55 pm
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Re. Puzzle Pirates: I'm really tempted to play with a male avatar, just to see if people treat me differently. I had this exchange today with some guy who'd been a swabbie on the ship I was sailing:

Guy: hiya hon
Me: My name isn't "hon" it's Petunia and that's Officer Petunia to you, bub!
[which I thought was a pretty inoffensive, light-hearted way of saying it]
Guy: watch the attitude I can get really nasty at times
[I was having an actual conversation with a fleet officer on my crew so I didn't respond immediately]
Guy: 2 scared 2 reply?
Me: Oh please don't hurt me, cartoon pirate!
Guy: are you being nice or mean?
Me: Try to figure it out while I put you on my ignore list.
Guy: ok sorry

And after that he was polite. Weird. I guess you just have to smack them around a little. But really, what kind of leverage do they think they have to intimidate me? The worst they can do is talk at me and then I can mute them if I want.

I'm going to play as a male and see what happens. Maybe it's like the opposite of WoW and people give male avatars free gold and swords and stuff.

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