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Because this is a much better use of my free time over winter break than finishing my thesis proposal, I've made some new custom content for Sims 2!
You can download Kirk and the new, improved Spock from my Sims master post

I made a new hairy, greenish custom skin for Spock:
Spock sim in his underwear

I did a better job with the hair than on the Sylar skin, I might redo the Sylar skin with the better hair. Good thing I've started saving the .psds with their layers!

And here's Kirk's face, I think it's a pretty good approximation of CPine:
Kirk closeup in cadet uniform
I did the custom eye and hair color and the uniform.

and Spock & Kirk fully clothed )
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Click here for the MASTER POST to see previous chapters.

Now on the DOWNLOADS POST: New custom content for Sylar!

And now, on with the show! Did you know there are other Heroes in Simtown besides Mohinder and Sylar?

Meet the Petrelli family!

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I was going to do another mini story like the Thanksgiving one but I've spent the last three days baking and knitting so it's just two snapshots.

Happy Holidays from Mohinder, Sylar and Mr. Muggles!

Mohinder: "If this is another brain in a jar..."

Yes, that is Sasan's owl sweater. You can't really see Mohinder's sweater but it has reindeer on it.


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Thanksgiving at the Petrelli house!

Sylar: "OM NOM NOM"

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Click here for the next part: Christmas!
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Sylar continues to act all weird and nice. One day, as Mohinder comes home from work...

Mohinder: "Sy- uh, Gabriel? What are you doing?"

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Download Sylar and Mohinder! on the downloads post.

First of all, it's still Talk Like A Pirate Day and in honor of that, Sylar put his improved sewing skills to good use and made some pirate costumes:

Pirate dance!

See, I wasn't kidding about the potholders.

He dug up that treasure when he was burying the dead body. Seriously, that's the first time one of my Sims has dug up a treasure chest. Sylar was a born pirate, I guess.

Click here if you haven't already seen Volume 1

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In the meantime, here's my new icon and a pic.

"You look oddly familiar..."

No, Spock won't be appearing in the series. Not this volume anyway. He just turned up at the shopping center when I sent Sylar and Mohinder there to buy stuff and he and Sylar started chatting so I had to snap a pic.

I've also made a custom outfit for Sylar that's more like the one in the show. You can get it on the downloads post.
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I'm working on Volume 2. It's going to be longer. I had enough trouble organizing the .jpgs for Volume 1 (they aren't saved in order and the filenames don't mean anything to me) so this time I'm making a storyboard. SERIOUSLY.

There's one part where it says "Sylar turns into his nerdy alter ego, Gabriel." And then there's a gap then under it I wrote "PROFIT." Because I haven't figured that part out yet. But I've got the rest of the story laid out.

It's a good thing we have the day off tomorrow and I don't have a thesis proposal to work on or anything. Oh, wait...
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Here's custom content I've created for The Sims 2. If you use it to make a story/pics/etc. please post a link to my LJ and give me credit.

I could upload them to the Exchange - maybe I will eventually - but for now here are my Sims2 skins, free for you to use! Custom content is skin tone (just for Data), eye color (yellow for Data, darker brown for everybody else because I don't like the default brown), and clothes (clothing skins only; the Uhura mesh is from the original Sims 2 and the Spock and Data meshes are from Apartment Life. I don't have any non-Maxis meshes). It should all work fine, I used Body Shop to make all the custom content but:

DISCLAIMER: there is always the risk that custom content could screw up your game and force you to reinstall. Back up your game before you install any of these files.


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Remember a few days ago when I said I was making Sylar and Mohinder Sims? Here they are. Mr. Muggles is there too.

ETA: Now you can download my Mohinder and Sylar Sims and have them all to yourself! It's like having a dollhouse in your computer! Except with more homoeroticism.

Volume 1 (is this post here)
Volume 2, Chapter 1
Volume 2, Chapter 2
Thanksgiving Holiday Special!
Christmas card!
Volume 3, Chapter 1

Here's Sylar in his room. He likes to read books and learn new things.

Here's Mohinder in his room. He has a map that shows the location of every person with superpowers. Sylar really, really wants that map but Mohinder says he can't have it :(

Oh, and Sylar has this secret room too. Mohinder would probably be better off just pretending it wasn't there.

What does Sylar use his secret room for? Craft projects, mainly.

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Rock out with your Spock out!

...yeah, I said it!

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Sim Trek!

Aug. 1st, 2009 03:30 pm
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I made some Sims 2 skins: Data, Spock and Uhura. Here they are enjoying a game of hacky sack, which the game calls "kicky bag" for some reason. Since when is there a copyright on "hacky sack"?

Comment if you want them and I'll put them up on the Exchange.

They all have custom eye colors (dark brown for Uhura and Spock, yellow for Data) and Data has a custom skin tone (which is just pale - I originally made it for Snape and it's close enough that I wasn't going to spend the time making another skin tone for Data. Modifying all those files takes a while).

There's one thing I've noticed about Sims 3 that I don't like: no pointy ears. What's up with that?
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I still have to use dial-up at home. I need to get something set up. When the cable guy set up my cable, he said there was a weak signal here so it might not be a good idea to get internet service via the cable. That's refreshingly honest. So I need to look into my options. I'm leaning towards DSL.

I had to go at lunch to sort out this crap with my homeowners' insurance, because my original lender sold my policy to another lender but the name of the lender didn't get changed on my insurance policy. So my old lender was getting bills and ignoring them. Grr. So I took care of that.

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Jan. 31st, 2004 08:20 pm
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I posted a little thing about my Sims skins over on the BBS on the official site. It was in the "Community Showcase" section, where people are SUPPOSED to post messages about their sites. So look what some chode posted in reply. (Second one down; the first one's cool). I can understand posting "Don't care" if I'd posted the message on a board where you're not supposed to post stuff like that but... well, I don't usually say this but WTF?

... look at some of the other crap he's posted:
Go eat posion. Why are you bugging maxis with your worthless albulms. Leave us all alone !

Poopy. I'm giving my opinion of your bad albulm. And Poopy to all of you that think i'm mean.

Nope i don't want to see ur houses. But i did and i didn't like em.

And they're all like that. Every single one of his posts (you can search by username to see all of someone's recent posts).
What is he, 12?
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I have some new Sims skins available for downloading:
Snape (now with a body)
Lupin werewolf head, normal head and body
Mary Sue with red hair
Mary Sue with rainbow hair
Sparklypoo Hogwarts uniform
fancy Ren faire/peasant outfit
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So check it out. New stuff about The Sims: Makin' Magic and a new site map. Coming soon: Sparklypoo skin. Coming later: something cool and interactive but it requires a buttload of artwork and I'm approximately 2/3 done with it.
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On piratemonkeysinc, I mean. Inspired by [ profile] snape_a_day, I made a couple of Sims skins.

Snape and Lucius - rated PG-13 )

When I've made some bodies (after I find some good meshes for cloaks, because I have no idea how to make my own meshes), I'll put em on my site, so you can have Snape and Lucius doing naughty things to each other on your very own computer. Because, really, that's why we all bought The Sims, isn't it?
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Check this out. Specifically, paragraph 12. You can make Sims commit suicide?! I've never done that. And I've kept 'em in a 2x2 sealed room with nothing but a bale of hay. Maybe I should've taken away their hay.
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Check this out. The next The Sims expansion pack is going to have magic! I wonder if it has anything to do with the popularity of Harry Potter... Speaking of which, hey, Aimless Coyote! How about putting that Snape skin up for downloading? I have Photoshop - I ought to try making my own skins. The trouble is I have a growing backlog of ideas for stuff to put on my site. Well, the Snape site thingy comes first. Then maybe another comic. But this one will be a little different from the Sparklypoo one.
This is going to be so cool:
The garden gnomes are alive!

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