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Someone posted yet another anti-Uhura post on [ profile] kirkspock. Then someone else commented that they don't like "Nazi-feminism." I'm done. It's not like there's even good fic on there, 99% of it is crap. I'm still following Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals and Leave No Soul Behind but I'll just have to check them periodically for updates myself.

On a tangent, nobody used the word "uppity" on this post (they did call her "overbearing") but I've seen people unironically use that word to describe Uhura in other K/S anti-Uhura posts. Do they have no idea how fucking offensive that is?
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Yet another Uhura bashing post by a woman-hating slash fan!

This one does something I haven't seen before: reading things into the characters' facial expressions that were never there! For example, here's Uhura at Kirk's academic misconduct hearing:

God, what a bitch!

Wait, what? She's sitting there with a neutral expression just like everyone else. But no! According to the author, that is a smug expression. And therefore Uhura is a huge hypocrite for liking Spock but not liking Kirk, because being aloof is the same as hitting on you even after you say you're not interested and grabbing your boobs.

Or something.

Also did you know that including a female character who plays an important role in the plot and has a boyfriend is INSULTING to women? Because having a female character in a sci-fi movie is just pandering to the chick flick crowd; if the writers respected their female audience, they'd know we only want to see male characters. That we can slash.

...or something.

This is in contrast to the great respect the author has for women when she says Uhura is only with Spock to further her career and is therefore basically a whore. See, I thought she talked to Spock about having been unfairly assigned to the Farragut because it was Spock who made the assignment and he was the only one who had the authority to change it. But no! She actually did it because...she's a whore? And she planned this whole thing when she first started dating Spock? I guess? The fact that she works harder than most cadets is also presented as evidence of her moral failings. As is the fact that the author misheard "aural sensitivity" as "oral sensitivity." I did too! Except I just thought "wow, writers, that's a bit much!" I never thought Uhura was deliberately making a double-entendre, it was just a little jokey wink by the writers. But no, it's more evidence that she's trapped Spock into this horrible relationship that's keeping him from his beloved Kirk who he doesn't yet know at this point, because all women are evil prostitutes and they should probably kill her off in the next movie because fuck female characters.

Yeah, I give up.

ETA: I just thought of this, what's especially laughable about this idea that Uhura is just using poor Spock: HE CAN READ HER MIND. If she's just pretending to care about him but is really only with him because of his status ( does that even work? What century does this take place in?) there's no way she'd be able to fool Spock. If she's using him, he knows and is apparently OK with it.

So what the fuck ever.
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Because this is a much better use of my free time over winter break than finishing my thesis proposal, I've made some new custom content for Sims 2!
You can download Kirk and the new, improved Spock from my Sims master post

I made a new hairy, greenish custom skin for Spock:
Spock sim in his underwear

I did a better job with the hair than on the Sylar skin, I might redo the Sylar skin with the better hair. Good thing I've started saving the .psds with their layers!

And here's Kirk's face, I think it's a pretty good approximation of CPine:
Kirk closeup in cadet uniform
I did the custom eye and hair color and the uniform.

and Spock & Kirk fully clothed )
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For those of you not on the Trek fan communities, the NASA web site has a song contest where you can pick your favorite space song and the Star Trek theme is one of the choices. Another choice is a song by Big Head Todd, which I've never heard of but apparently it has a small but dedicated following. So dedicated that they're obviously cheating to get that song to be number 1. And some Star Trek fans are pretty upset about that.

OK, whatever, it would be cool if the one we like wins. But the top two songs will both be used and it's obviously going to be these two. And I'm getting a little sick of seeing a new overwrought post complaining about it EVERY DAY and urging us to vote more. See, there's no IP tracking or anything, you can just sit there reloading the page and vote as many times as you like. The lack of security is an indication of how seriously NASA is taking this. Which is ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE for a contest where people pick which song they like, actually!

It's painfully ironic that there's a real election coming up next week and people are complaining bitterly about fraud and voter apathy in a SONG CONTEST. OK, some of the users are too young to vote in the real election but I bet most of them aren't. And I know that getting all worked up about this thing doesn't mean people don't also care deeply about the real election. It's just bugging me that they don't seem to have any perspective. The post I linked to above urges people to protest to NASA about the Big Head Todd fans' VOTER FRAUD. NASA doesn't care. If they did, they would have made it harder to cheat. They can do that, they are NASA after all.

I was going to post a bitchy comment about it but I'm just going to leave it here. People tend to get offended when you point out that the thing they're losing sleep over is actually trivial and kind of stupid.
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They have video games in the future, right? Here's the 23rd century version of Robot Unicorn Attack.

drawing of Kirk, Spock and McCoy playing Robot Unicorn Attack in the holodeck

Yeah, I know holodecks weren't invented until the 2300s :P

Fic rec

Sep. 12th, 2010 04:18 pm
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I'm really enjoying this AU K/S fic: Leave No Soul Behind.

The AU is that there's EPAS - Emergency Personnel Ambulance Service - which is like super badass emergency medics in space, and they're affiliated with Starfleet but they're not military and Starfleet is being all incompetent about dealing with Nero. Spock joined EPAS instead of Starfleet and at the beginning of the fic, Kirk transfers to it and winds up under Spock's command. The relationship builds really slowly - I'm up to chapter 5 and I just got to the sexy part.

I really like it. The characterizations and the world-building are both great. That's one thing that's been really hard to find: fanfic where the writer really gets the characters. I love how they write Spock's dialogue in particular. Not many people can pull that off. It's so good I'm willing to overlook the occasional misuse of apostrophes and the PADDs problem.
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Sometimes I don't know why I bother having the kirk/spock comm on my f-list. People keep making posts (or linking to them in this case) bashing other ships, especially Spock/Uhura. Here's the latest one [ETA: the post has been f-locked and I can't access it any more - see below]. Here's my rebuttal to the arguments that came up in this post, just like in every other anti-S/U post:

Read more... )

So yeah. Ship Kirk/Spock all you want - I sure do - but I don't see the point of ragging on Uhura/Spock. They're acting like Harry/Hermione shippers. And I think we can all agree nobody wants to act like Harry/Hermione shippers.

ETA: Here's great post covering the race issues. Which are very important; I hesitate to talk about them myself because I feel like I'm not really qualified to talk about them in detail. But rawles is and she makes excellent points.

ETA: Ohh, the post on K/S linking to the essay in the OP's journal was deleted at the request of the OP who "did not intend to start a ship war." COULD'VE FOOLED ME! She didn't intend for anyone to disagree with her, you mean. Pff. And the OP has f-locked the post in her journal.
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Dr. Who fans can just skip this...

Pointless internet poll: who's sexier, 10th Doctor or Spock?

Right now, the Doctor is ahead by 2%. Come on Trek fans! We can do it!


Jun. 15th, 2010 10:10 pm
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I've been watching ST:TAS from Netflix. The quality of the animation is kind of sub-Scooby Do level but the artwork itself is cool and the plots are as good as TOS.

So I made an icon.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Yes. We need to hurry up and invent a warp drive so the Vulcans will come visit us and take me away from this crappy planet and back to Vulcan, where people actually value intelligence.

But seriously? Probably not. Life on other planets, probably, yeah, but making the jump from single-celled life to complex, multicellular life is pretty astronomically improbable.

fic rec!

Mar. 15th, 2010 10:01 pm
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I'm kind of late to the party with this but I finally read Refractions by [ profile] bigmamag and it's good. K/S, in two alternative universes besides AOS, and they all meet up with each other thanks to a wonky space phenomenon. I liked it. A handful of misused words but the story is compelling enough that that didn't bother me too much. It came to my attention because the author posted a new sort of prequel one-off that takes place in the badass universe. That one is good too.


Mar. 6th, 2010 11:15 pm
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It's another [ profile] ontd_startrek Party Post!

Lookit the crappy Photoshop I made for the party:

Seriously, I think this would make an awesome crackfic: mirror universe where instead of the evil Terran Empire, they're just a bunch of spray-tanned, Ed Hardy-wearing douchebags. Which is probably worse.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]TRIBBLE!
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I'm going to Netflix ST:TNG season 5 and I specifically want the episodes Unification I & II (with Leonard Nimoy!!) - I know they're 5x07 and 5x08 but I can't find a list of which discs contain which episodes! I'm guessing it's probably disc 2? Do any of you know?
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Yoda & Me: a podcast
featuring a guy and a senile, nonsensical Yoda. In this episode, outtake footage from Empire Strikes Back with guest star ZACHARY QUINTO as the director.
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And bonus! Next Generation! The pairings surprised and delighted me.

Maybe they're pretty common pairings, I haven't read Next Generation fic.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]SPOCK
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I went to the used book store to sell some books - Spring cleaning is ongoing - and I got $27 in store credit! :D I spent $2.75 of that on Asimov's Foundation because I read it in college and never read the rest of the series so I'm going to start over. And I saw a book by WILLIAM SHATNER, not Tek Wars, it's called Believe. So I bought that for $2.50. I left it on the shelf for a few days and I just read the book jacket:

A Master of Illusion. He was the greatest escape artist in history, a world-famous magician who knew that magic was merely illusion. He exposed psychic frauds, debunked spiritualists, and defied supernatural nonsense.

A Master of Reason. He was the most beloved writer of his time. His brilliant mystery novels exalted the science of logic and deduction - yet he firmly believed in the occult. Believed with all his heart and soul.

OK, fair enough. I don't know why I didn't see this next bit coming:
A Psychic Battle of Wits. The skeptic was Harry Houdini. The believer was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Whut. RPF? RPF by William Shatner? Aw, crap!


It continues:
The contest was sponsored by a science magazine launching a worldwide search for genuine proof of life after death. The novel is BELIEVE. - the most unusual and exciting adventure you will ever read.

SOMEHOW I DOUBT THAT, BILL. And that random hyphen isn't a typo. One sentence ends and the next begins with a hyphen and a lower-case letter.

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