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LOL, now I wish I'd gone to Comic-Con!

Pharyngula post: Comic-Con versus Westboro Baptist Church

There's a TNG Starfleet officer holding up a sign that says "GOD HATES JEDI," someone further back holding up "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO TOAD," and Bender holding a sign that says simply "KILL ALL HUMANS."


Jun. 11th, 2009 04:38 pm
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I want to volunteer for a couple of shifts at Azkatraz - being a volunteer is one of the con experiences I haven't had yet and it's possible this is my last con (depending on what happens with Infinitus). So I sent an e-mail on June 3rd with some options for what I could do - I said I could be flexible with times and I'd like to do registration, or possibly common room host or programming prefect if they already have enough people for registration, and I included a brief cover letter and my CV in the body of the e-mail.

They haven't replied yet.

So I sent the e-mail again. It's possible my domain is causing it to go straight to their spam filter but you'd think they'd check the filter for e-mails with the subject "I want to volunteer." And I'd rather not give out my school/work e-mail address.

We'll see what happens.
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Apparently they don't have shows on Mondays so it's probably going to be either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on whether we care that Wednesday conflicts with WRock. I'm leaning towards Tuesday (although that means arriving a day early). Here are the prices from the web site:

Tuesday at 7:30PM Balcony $32 to $60
Wednesday at 2:00PM or 7:30PM (same prices)

Running time is 2h 30m plus 15 minute intermission.

I'll call them and see about a group rate but it doesn't say anything about it on the site.

I think I'll plan on arriving Tuesday and leaving Monday. That'll give me time to see the aquarium on Wednesday. They say it's the best in the nation, which threatens my Monterey pride so I'd better see if it's true ;)
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I'm tired from the scuba class today so my Prophecy posting might take a few days. I also might organize these more later. For now, here are some of my favorite pictures.

Prophecy 2007: A Cornucopia of Love

(for those of you who don't know, that's me on the left, as Lockhart)

more pictures )

Annecdotes coming later, because it's almost 10:00PM and I have to be in the pool by 8:00AM again tomorrow.
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Now that we're getting our Prophecy schedules in order: I still need a few models for my drawing workshop. Can anyone help? It's on Friday from 10:00 til 11:00. If you don't want to draw and wouldn't mind posing for the whole thing, that'd be awesome but if you do want to draw but would be willing to take turns, posing for part of the time and drawing for part of the time, that would also be awesome.

You won't have to stand still for an hour either; I was thinking we'd do a few quick sketches with different poses, like five minutes per pose, and then a couple of longer poses, maybe 15 minutes tops. If you want to pose sitting down, that's cool too. I'll bring info and example pictures so don't worry about making up ways to pose. All you have to do is show up!

Also posted in [ profile] hp_costuming.

I just noticed I have the shortest presenter bio. That's funny. I think I actually intended to write more and then forgot. I'm horrible at that sort of thing anyway. I feel like saying anything about myself is like bragging.
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I'm going to be in the Drawble booth on Friday from 2:00-3:00! I just replied to the e-mail, which featured the words "DUDE" and "ZOMG;" I thought that was funny after the very formal tone of the automated reply I got when I first submitted my application to be in the booth.
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I was about to e-mail the Prophecy people to see if the formal programming schedule was up somewhere and I'd just missed it but it's there now. Here's the .pdf. Perfect timing: I didn't have anything planned for today, which means I have time to make my spreadsheet of all the talks I'll be going to!

ETA: NOOOOOOO! I've actually looked at the schedule now. My workshop - on Friday at 10:00AM - clashes with Glockgal and Cathybites' fanart roundtable. Why did the schedulers do that? Were there really that many fanart things that they had to overlap? Goddamnit.

ALSO the presentation before mine in Room B is on Snape/Hermione. I don't like Snape/Hermione! But there's nothing else at 9:00 I'm dying to see and I want to be in the room so I have as much time as possible to set up. Assuming anyone shows up, that the fanartists aren't all still at the roundtable grumblegrumble.
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I've almost finished making something cool for my costume. I'll probably post a picture tonight. I spent all day yesterday working on it and watching South Park (the working on it involved a lot of hour-long periods of waiting for glue and paint to dry). I did the final gluing step this morning, then I'll do two coats of varnish.

I went to the craft store a few days ago and got a box shaped like a book, but I'm undecided whether to make a Magical Me (or Voyages With Vampires or whatever) to carry around. It's big enough to contain a small notebook, writing implements, wallet & phone but if I put any papers in they'd have to be folded. Yeah, I think that'll work. I seem to remember having a lot to carry around in my Lumos tote bag but I can't think what it all was. I'll need to figure out a little clasp to put on so my stuff doesn't fall out.

If I do make a book, which one should it be? Ooh, I'll do a poll!
[Poll #1015953]
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Where and when is the Snupin meetup going to be this time? I missed the one at Lumos.

If it's not too early, I'd like to start coordinating with people. I managed to miss meeting [ profile] mysduende last time. My phone number is the same as before (I'll post it in an f-locked post later). I'll be arriving in the early hours of the morning Thursday and leaving at about noon on Sunday.

How come there's no schedule of programs yet? There's a list but no schedule. How am I going to be a dork and make a spreadsheet with my schedule if I don't know when all the talks are?! Just skimming down the list, the Canon, Fanon or Alan Snape roundtable looks good. And obviously you all have to come to my art workshop. I still need a few volunteers to pose. I'll feel silly if I'm the only one posing. I'm definitely going to [ profile] glockgal and [ profile] cathybites' art workshop. There's also this little thing: In the Grand Tradition of Boarding School Homoeroticism': An Academic and Fangirl Examines the Case for a Love Affair between Sirius Black and Remus Lupin – Presentation; I'm drooling just thinking about it. This one: The 'Queering' of Harry Potter: Slash Fan Fiction as Social and Political Commentary – Panel looks good too, in no small part because [ profile] mijan is on the panel and she's awesome.

I also have to figure out when I'm going to wear my costume and when I'm going to wear normal clothes. I have time to make the dueling outfit too but I like the coat so much I think I'll just do the more everyday (for Lockhart) outfit, plus the jammies. Plus I haven't yet found a pattern that's even close to the vest. There is that.

Crap, I have to go in less than two hours to get on a boat and look for birds all night. Then get up again for my Emergency First Response class, which will be just about all day Sunday. I didn't know until a few days ago that my bird-looking-for day would be Saturday; I thought it would probably be Friday. Oh well. I had intended to sleep for a few hours this afternoon in preparation but I wasn't tired. I will be.

oh crap!

Apr. 12th, 2007 10:46 pm
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My Prophecy workshop proposal was accepted! I totally forgot about that. Now I have to do something! D:

No, it's really awesome that I get to run a workshop. But still. The pressure!

Learning from the watercolor workshop at Lumos, I am going to bring a ton of paper and pencils.


Jan. 21st, 2007 12:22 pm
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OK, remember how I had the awesome idea last year to do a figure drawing workshop at Lumos but then people pointed out that we probably wouldn't get away with hiring a stripper to model and then I didn't get my act together to write another proposal in time?

Well, it's just occurred to me that proposals for Prophecy are due at the end of this month SO: would anyone who's going like to volunteer to ba a model (with clothes on)? I'll bring a cape because I was thinking we could have three topics: portraiture, figure drawing and drawing clothes. So two models would be ideal, then we could have one in somewhat tighter-fitting clothes for the people who'd rather focus on drawing the body and another in a more HP-esque outfit. I could be one of the two but getting two people besides me would be great.

I'm hoping to get a costume together, which is a separate thing. But if I get it done then I'd wear that and if anyone else is planning on going in costume, that'd be cool.

I'm also going to bring some books. I have one book on figure drawing that has lots of photos of naked people. I suppose I'd have to card people. What do you all think about that? It's a great reference, I use it myself a lot, so I'd like to bring it. But I don't want to get in trouble, nor do I want to ban people under 18 from attending the workshop. On the other hand, are there likely to be many people under 18? Maybe I could just say you have to be over 18.


Sep. 1st, 2006 05:38 pm
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I just registered. I'm not going to Serpenwhatever because that's probably about when I'll be moving to Santa Cruz. Just a heads-up: the price for Prophecy goes up on September 8. And you have to pay extra to go to the feasts. I paid. But I hope the food's better than at the Lumos Welcoming feast. It was OK but then it was included in the ticket price, not $55 extra.

I wonder if I'll be able to come up with something to present this time. That would be cool. I've wanted to write something speculating about how potions could relate to chemistry and molecular biology but I've never gotten around to it. One thing at a time, first I have to do my drawings for Swashbucklathon.

I want to make a costume too, that would be super cool. I'll bet I could make a Hogwarts robe pretty cheaply. That could be my warm-up for a super-seekrit character costume I've been thinking of attempting for the next con, except it's not that secret because I think I mentioned it to some people. OK, I've got a year. Step 1: Swashbucklathon pics. Step 2: school robe. Step 3: profit awesome costume. And learn to make Flash animations somewhere in there.
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I've omitted the pages that are just totally boring but here are the rest, along with a few other tidbits (lots of images but I have to sit here uploading them on dialup, so I don't feel too bad):

my conference badge )

Day 1, page 1 )

Day 1 and into Day 2 )

art exchange with Scarah2! )

Day 2: the talks )

Herbs of Harry Potter talk )

Day 2 evening: in which I meet Professor Snape )

Magical Night Classes )

Day 3 )
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OK, I've uploaded some of my photos to Photobucket because some asshole with password-guessing software keeps hacking my site and I keep having to change the password. I did that from home and I'm at work now and I realized I don't have my new password with me. So Photobucket it is. I'll put them on my site later and I'll come back and fix the links in this post.

The cosplayers were amazing. Big thanks to them for being so generous and posing for zillions of photos!

Luna and her lion hat )

The Triwizard Champions )

Death Eaters )

Fawkes )

Snape and Sprout )

Marauder-era Lily/Snape )

GMonkey demented )

Slughorn, Rita and GMonkey! )

Draco and Harry )

Snape and the Squid )

Snape's daughter )

Harry and Snape )

Re-enactment of Hermione kicking Draco's ass )
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Dangit, I think I'm one of the first to get back. I don't see anyone else's preliminary reports yet. Without the scanner or camera cable, I'm not ready to post my humongous post so I was going to read other people's.

I'm still at my parents' house.

I'm listening to the Draco and the Malfoys CD I got. They rock so much harder live. On the CD they're, like, mellow. Brian of D. and the M.s autographed the sheet for me: "Gillian, Rock 4 Evil!!! - Brian :)" I'll scan it later.

So, yeah, there's a con report preview: I saw Draco and the Malfoys and Harry and the Potters. That was awesome. I missed The Remus Lupins because I didn't turn up to any of the podcasts.

I met so many awesome people! A few quick shout-outs: thank you [ profile] scarah2 for the butterbeer, thank you [ profile] redpiratemel for the Femslash <3er button, thank you [ profile] valis2 for the Manhattan (or was that [ profile] lydialovestruck?) and the neato squid and a huge thank-you to [ profile] sylvadin and her hubby for the tickets!

I'll tell everyone about the tickets when I get a chance to scan the photo but I will say we've discovered Stubby Boardman. Remus Lupin was there too. I touched his butt. I'm not kidding. Heh heh. Details tonight.

I didn't catch the awesome Snape's LJ name - wasn't on her badge - but I saw she has a site ...which I forgot to write down. Anyway, she gave an excellent, thought-provoking talk about Snape and Dumbledore and I got to chat with her briefly. And I got some pics, including one with her and [ profile] valis2's lovely plush octopus squid. That reminds me, I still haven't come up with a name to suggest for the squid. It has to be some kind of pun. I'll think about it.

Haha, Mum just came by and pointed out what the problem is with the CD: no bass on several of the songs. She's right. Bradley played Bass when they were playing live - they'd previously recorded the drums for the live performance (since there are only two of them). I like it when people in a band can play more than one instrument. I just play guitar a little.

Stupid little dork
With a stupid, dorky scar
And it's OK
It's really great
'Cause I hate you
And so does Snape

- Draco and the Malfoys Potions Yesterday

I'm back!

Jul. 30th, 2006 04:31 pm
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I just got back, meaning I had to leave Lumos at 12:00 noon :(

I'm at my parents' place and I'll hang around here for a bit so no pictures until tonight, I'm afraid.

I had an awesome time!

OK, going to tell my mum about it (yeah, sorry, she gets to hear it before you do) but expect an excruciatingly long, detailed account of my past four days soon.

It looks like the comm went_to_lumos isn't set up yet? Was that the correct name? I didn't bother to write it down because I thought that was easy enough to remmeber.
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I don't leave till tomorrow morning. Some people are already on their way :( I've still got to do some last minute packing. I finished my Ravenclaw scarf last night.

I see there are a zillion costume meetups. It makes me think I should've pulled together a costume. I do have a dress, wig & cape that'd be suitable for Bellatrix but that would mean bringing a bigger suitcase and to be honest, my schedule's pretty packed already. So I think I'll just admire other people's costumes.

I never heard back from the planners about the Creativity Booth so I'll assume I'm not in it. Aw well. I'm still bringing pencils and stuff, plus watercolors (I still need to buy a brush, I couldn't find mine) for the watercolor workshop. And paper.

Must remember to bring my camera charger.

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Re. Lumos stickers: I checked the Message Board and apparently we just have to pick a color when we come in and register on Wednesday or Thursday. The idea about telling people your color is that people can plan to have the same color so they can sit together. But what if a ton of people say ahead of time "I'll pick red" and then there aren't enough red stickers? I don't care, I'm just going to pick one when I get there.

I'm all depressed today and I'm starting to worry that I'll have a crappy time at Lumos :(
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What's with the feast sticker colors? Did we get assigned colors? I don't know what mine is and I don't see it on my registration info page (where you can sign up for the busses and specify your House and everything). It says everyone will get to eat in the Great Hall at least once. So we won't all be allowed to go to both the Welcoming Feast and the Leaving Feast? What's going to happen to the people who aren't allowed into the Great Hall? How are they going to hear the Welcoming Feast announcements? We all paid the same fee, are some of us going to miss out on two meals that were included in the cost?

Of course, I automatically assume I'll be one of those left out, because I have horrible luck about this sort of thing.
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I've applied for a time slot in the Creativity Booth at Lumos! If they accept me then I'll post the time here and all you Lumos attendees can come by and let me draw something for you.

...or just ask me and I'll probably draw something for you between presentations anyway.

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