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It's dogs. In a pillow fort. They are at war with the cats. One of the dogs has a lobster costume. It's glorious.
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Here's the picture larger:

Sadly, there is no actual recipe for those.


Dec. 26th, 2010 10:44 pm
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This is super funny: my mum asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted for Christmas and I couldn't think of anything so I said:
me: A pony. A pink pony!
mum: A pink pony?
me: A pink pony named Bubbles!
mum: What if I find a pink pony that's not called Bubbles?
me: Then you have to keep looking of course!

So when I came over for Christmas yesterday, she had her usual plate of iced sugar cookies on the counter:

She made me a Bubbles! Four of them, actually! :D My mum is awesome.
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There's this thread on Pharyngula: about CSI-type shows getting things hilariously wrong about "enhancing" images. PZ posted this video to kick it off:

(check out 0:37! Squeee!)

Someone in comments linked to this comic. Click the thumbnail to, ironically, see it bigger and clearer:
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I would have thought a community about popular science would mostly consist of people who are either actual scientists or interested and reasonably well-informed non-scientists. Nope. It seems like about half the members don't know the first damn thing about science yet insist on arguing with those of us who do.

Case in point: this post about biocentrism, a bogus hypothesis that takes a principle of quantum mechanics, misunderstands it, and tries to use that misinterpretation to prove that human consciousness creates the universe. It's The Secret, basically.

A bunch of us explained why this is bullcrap but some people still think it's worth discussing. Because collective unconscious! Brains generate electromagnetic fields! There's, like, a lot we don't understand about the universe, man!

Congratulations, [ profile] ontd_science members who shall remain nameless, You Fail Science Forever!
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..but as of now I officially have a girl-boner for Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

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LOL, now I wish I'd gone to Comic-Con!

Pharyngula post: Comic-Con versus Westboro Baptist Church

There's a TNG Starfleet officer holding up a sign that says "GOD HATES JEDI," someone further back holding up "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO TOAD," and Bender holding a sign that says simply "KILL ALL HUMANS."
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Read this thread on [ profile] ontd_science. Then read the rest of the comments but read this thread first.

ETA: The comments are less fun now that someone replied to EVERY SINGLE ONE with the same totally unnecessary comment. Other people had already debunked it! Read the other comments before you post one! Or fifty! Oh well.*

You know what? I don't think anyone really 100% believed this. If we really believed all of humanity had six months to live, we'd start acting differently. Not sitting at our computers going "oh no, I'm so scared!" Which is good, of course; if people believed every doomsday prophecy they read on the internet and behaved accordingly, we'd all be in a lot of trouble. It's just annoying. A bunch of LJ users need to get their bullshit meters re-calibrated.

* EagainTA: Aaaaaand they've flounced. LOL.
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I was eating dinner and idly watching men's figure skating and the commentator came out with this gem. It's pretty awesome. Are you ready for it? He said:

"Their greatest strength, for the men in this competition, is a lack of weakness."

I almost snorted Boca burger out my nose.
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Apparently ZQ will be in the next podcast for Yoda and Me. I listened to the New Year's one: "Yoda" doesn't sound that much like Yoda but it's pretty freakin' funny anyway.
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As seen on Shakesville.

Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild is declared Douche of the Decade by Gawker and he responds by not only threatening to sue in a poorly-worded e-mail but also by sending the editor this photo:

I admit that is fairly douchey but I think we can do better:

Come on Joe, reach for the stars!
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Once again, xkcd tells it like it is.

ETA: My interpretation is it's nothing against philosophy majors specifically; lots of people act like that. That's exactly the argument creationists use and I doubt many of them are trained in philosophy. They come up with something incredibly stupid and then accuse us of being knee-jerk and dogmatic when we point out how stupid it is.
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From Heroes wiki: Theories about waffles. It is full of LOL and win.
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Thanks to [ profile] iibnf for the latest time-sucker:

So far, this one is my favorite. I need to make a Sylar icon.


Jul. 31st, 2009 08:39 pm
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Excuse me while I go find a nice cave and become a hermit, because obviously civilization has passed the point of no return:

giant Twilight tattoos

Judging by #13, it would probably be a good idea for Robert Pattinson to find a cave too. Not one near mine, though. I don't want to be there when the fangirls finally catch up with him.

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