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I've had a busy few days!

Wednesday we had our student body new officers orientation meeting. I am now officially President! We'll have our first meeting with just the new officers next week. I have lots of ideas!

Thursday I went to the weekly seminar talk. It was cool, this week's guest speaker was from the USGS and he talked about methods for mapping the seafloor and about his project showing changes in the seafloor here in the bay over time. Like erosion vs deposition. It was at an appropriate level and pretty interesting. Some speakers get really technical about their methods and it's hard to follow if you're not in that specific sub-discipline but this one was good.

Then after seminar, I had a meeting with the new Treasurer to give her the info she needs. Ooh, I just remembered, I still need to write a letter to the bank so they can put her name on the account. Theeeen after that, I had a meeting with Dr. H's wife, who studies fish and has hired me to help with her project for the National Marine Fisheries Service. Sweet!

And today, I went up to the NMFS office in Santa Cruz to learn about their database and I start working next week. I'll have to go up there once a week but apart from that I can do it all from here. Then I came home and had lunch and relaxed for a while and played Star Trek Online. We got to keep our usernames! I'm still funkyspock! :D

Also I've been going to Bikram yoga again. I'm already starting to regain my flexibility!

And now I'm huuuungry! I think I'll have some soup and toast. Mmm, sourdough toast.
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I started my new job today, doing chemistry bidness on fruit and, occasionally, stinky fish. It's QA for a large company that makes canned fruits and vegetables, tuna and pet food. I guess the dog food is probably going to be stinkier but I haven't had to deal with that yet. I seriously had to breathe through my mouth the entire time I was working with the tuna.

I got to do lots of different stuff today. I think they're going to train me on the whole procedure so I can take over whichever bits of it as the need arises. Today, I helped set up tests for amounts of beta carotene in spaghetti sauce and tuna and for pesticides in some fruits. We had to grind up the fruit samples in a blender, it was exactly like making smoothies. Delicious acetone smoothies.

It's crazy, I just heard about this job because I happened to go to a temp agency, thinking to pick up some very short-term clerical work just for the money, and they had this job doing stuff that's actually more relevant to my biochem degree than either of my previous jobs. AND two of the scientists I'm working with also went to Davis.

I figure chemistry is about as close to potions as a Muggle's going to get. Now I just have to stop washing my hair and get a black robe and legions of adoring, pervy fangirls.
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Again, it's been a few days since I've updated. I guess one of the primary purposes of the LJ before was whining about work. I can't exactly whine about sitting around reading all day. Heh heh. But I have managed to do a few things since my last update:

Going to Lake Tahoe
I went to Lake Tahoe with some work-friends (except they're still stuck working there and I've escaped) for Labor Day weekend. It was tons of fun. We went kayaking, swimming and walking. Walking in the dark. It would've been cool to go when it was, y'know, light enough to see where we were going. But it was still fun. We tried to make up "yo' mama" jokes. And they taught me how to play Texas Holdem which, contrary to what [ profile] aimlesscoyote thought on AIM, is a poker game, not something vaguely sexual. Heh heh. We also did the one thing without which an awesome weekend would not be complete: ate lots of food.

Making web sites
One of the former bosses - who left shortly before I did, to take a faculty position at a university - asked me to help make the web site for his new lab. That's cool because I still love making web sites and this gives me something productive to do. Until I figure out some productive things to do on my own. Like setting up the site for my consulting business. I'm going to get a day job too but it'll be cool if I can find small companies that need web sites and/or databases and make some extra money. Mostly databases; a ton of people already make web sites better than I do (though they charge a lot, which I won't do) but I can make good databases.

Reading fanfic
Those of you who've known me since my earliest participation in the fandom know I've always been kind of against Snape/Hermione on general principle. The whole teacher/student vibe just creeps me out (unless it's Draco. Because, come on, it's Draco!) I saw someone's rec (no idea whose, I read recs all over the place and often bookmark them then read them much later) for a Snapemione which involved them accidentally swithcing bodies and thereby coming to a better understanding of each other.

I normally wouldn't have given it a second thought except I had the exact same idea, a fic where some mysterious artifact causes them to swap bodies and they have to figure out how to get back (in the rec'ed fic, it was Neville screwing up a potion instead of an artifact). Except in mine, there wasn't any romance, it was more of a comedy where Snape is forced to realize he ought to respect women more (not that we see much of him relating to women one way or another in canon but him being thoughtlessly male-priveleged is one quite plausible interpretation). So I had to read it just to see what happened. And it was good. Dammit, I can't like Snape/Hermione!

Here they are. I'm about half-way through part 2.
Part 1
Part 2

After some postal screw-ups, I finally got the Little Endless Storybook, along with the Sandman Companion. I like them both. The summaries in the Companion are unnecessary but I guess they'd be helpful if I hadn't read the comics recently. The interviews with Neil are super awesome. And I was right, Alianora and Eleanora are the same person.

OK, time for dinner.
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For maybe the fourth time today, I just said something to a co-worker about working on stuff tomorrow (though luckily it hasn't been the same co-worker each time).

I do that on Fridays too, I'll be like "OK, we'll finish that tomorrow" and they go "uh, I'm not coming in on Saturday."

Oh well, I'll remember it tomorrow morning. I hope.
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The Eppendorf customer service rep had to hunt for the plate specs (see previous post) so she e-mailed them to me just now. And spelled my name "Jillion." But, curiously, got my e-mail address right, which is g[my last name]@[company name].com. With a 'g'!
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So we got our awesome liquid-handling robot. I programmed it to do our DNA extractions and ran the simulation (it has a simulation mode where you can run the program and watch a virtual robot on the screen do it rather than have the actual robot do it. How cool is that?!) and it's all set. One problem: I need the specs on the plates we're using. They're Eppendorf plates. Obviously, they don't come with the info (what I need is the length, width, height, well offset and well spacing, down to the 10th of a milimeter). That would be too easy. So I've called up customer support to ask (since I don't have anything that'll measure that accurately here). And of COURSE customer service doesn't have that info readily available, that would be too easy. So I'm listening to the soothing hold music. And looking at LiveJournal.

Villain icon, because I haven't used it in a while.


Jun. 4th, 2004 10:57 am
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Aw, man. Yesterday, I tried to run my gel and nothing showed up. I assumed I'd just run it too far and the DNA went off the end. So I tried it again today. Still nothing. I came to J___ for help. He pointed out that the ethidium bromide hadn't moved either (it runs in the opposite direction to the DNA), which I hadn't noticed, though the power source definitely said there was current. He said to change the buffer and try it again to see if that would fix it. We put the gel into the tray with fresh buffer and went to plug it in... and the power source was plugged into a different tray from the one I'd been using. So there was current, but it was going through the other tray. So we had a good laugh. And I feel dumb. But that sort of thing happens to everyone sometimes so I don't feel too bad.
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I might go to the gym today. They have a class at 9:00 that's supposed to be "boot camp style." Which doesn't sound all that appealing but I called up the gym to see exactly what it is and the instructor was the one who answered. She sounded pretty mellow. So I don't think she'll be calling us maggots or anything. But I'm a little sore from yesterday. I was thinking of maybe just doing cardio today. Or maybe just sitting around eating chocolatey cereal. Whichever.

I was thinking of submitting something to [ profile] andropotterist's Men in Uniform challenge, but another challenge has been put up and I don't know if there's a deadline for them. I have a good idea but to do it well will take a while.

Genetics conference )

Then after the conference, I walked to the Downtown Plaza mall to buy shoes. I needed some running shoes because all I have are some crappy sneakers I got at Payless for $6. So I got some good shoes, for ten times that much. One the way to the mall, I walked through the park around the capitol building and I could hear a protest going on. I went to check it out, in case it was something I agreed with and I could join in. I didn't join in. It was a protest against gay marriage. It made me feel ill, walking past those fuckers with their "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" and "God created male and female not gay and lesbian" signs. And I couldn't even give them the finger because the tricky bastards had brought their children along. And flipping people off in front of their kids might make our side look bad. Just a little. At the mall, I tried to find a rainbow shirt or something (ideally a flag but I didn't think I was likely to find that at the mall) so I could piss them off on the way back. But I couldn't find anything. It's just as well, though, because by the time I came back, they'd gone.

When I got back to Davis, I was going to Jamba Juice and I saw Nicole! With her boyfriend. And she wants to see PoA at midnight! Yay! And I phoned Jackie when I was up in Sacramento, because she lives in Rocklin, and she was busy yesterday but we're going to have lunch today. I'll see if she wants to see Troy or something. I want to see Shrek 2 but I think it's going to be hard to get tickets for that.
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At lunchtime I was the only one here for a while and TWO people called. And I can't answer any questions about orders, because I don't have the database up and running yet and only 2 people know how the data are stored (in a few separate spreadsheets). One call was to check on an order, the other was a guy in the UK at some forensics company and he said he'd call back tomorrow. At first, I thought he had the wrong number. He asked for Mr. (name) and I couldn't really make out the name. I can understand British accents but his accent was from somewhere else. Then he said it more clearly and I realized it was Ms. (name) he was asking for. I mean, he was saying Mr. but it was a woman. Whose first name is Amy. But I guess he only had the last name and just assumed it was a man. Pft.
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Gimli's heart boxers
You are Gimli's white shorts with red heart pattern
boxers. It's traditional, it's cliche, but it
gets the job done!

What Lord of the Rings characters' underwear are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I think that's not a good sign.

One more PCR to set up and then I'm outa here.
It's like, I'm all busy but there's not actually a lot for me to do. Like I'm supposed to look busy all the time. But it's really a slow week. Since everyone and their mom has to use the 310 right now.
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OK, it's my lunch break so here's an update. I forgot to bring my VB book to work and I think I may need it. I'm doin some cool shiznat with our database. I have an Access book here and that has a chapter on VBA so maybe that'll be sufficient. It looks like I'll have more time this month to work on it. We aren't in such a hurry as we were at the end of the year to generate data. And John said he wants to train me to do this thing that I haven't done before! Yay! It's about analyzing the data from the DNA sequencer. Right now, I can set up the machine but then John deals with the data it generates but soon I'll be able to do that too. This morning and tomorrow morning, I was/will be working with the interns. But I pretty much have my afternoons free to screw around with the database.

...this salad isn't very good. I got it from the student union place (we call it the coffee house but in fact, it's a whole big caffeteria) and it's always a bit of a gamble eating there. But it's close and cheap. It's sort of a random salad. It has lettuce, red cabbage, cauliflower, green peppers, carrot slices and olives with kind-of-nasty Italian dressing. Whatever. I also got pizza. At least you're reasonably safe with the pizza and burritos. The burritos are actually pretty decent but the're humongous and I can never finish them.

It seems weird that it's already almost the weekend. It doesn't feel like I have significantly less free time now that I'm full-time. I guess it's because I'm busy all day. Instead of wasting half of each day on the internet. So I guess time will seem to pass even faster than it does now. Great. Oh well. At least that means it won't seem like too long before it's spring. I like spring. I didn't like winter before but I do since I took up snwboarding. Did I even mention that I went snowboarding with my family over the vacation? Just for one night, because mum and I both had to leave our cats home alone. The first day it was snowing pretty hard. At first I thought it was going to suck but that just made it seem like more of an adventure.


Jan. 6th, 2004 08:02 am
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I'm getting paid to work full time now! That rules. I was going to quit and find another job if they couldn't give me full time by February, and I'd never formally announced that but I think everyone knew. So that's cool. Especially since finding another job would've sucked. The pay here isn't as good as it would be in industry but I have way more freedom than I would there. Like the freedom to update my LJ while I'm waiting for stuff.

I'm hungry. I had yoghurt and a croissant for breakfast but I'm still hungry. I don't wanna go to the Coffee House. I bought a box of croissants so I wouldn't have to go to the Coffee House. I was just thinking I should bring in an electric kettle and some hot chocolate mix to keep here. That'd be cool. There's a coffee machine but no one seems to use it. When Nicole's here, sometimes she makes coffee. I don't really drink much coffee. I can't handle caffeine. I think I'm high-strung enough without it.
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I was planning to take Friday off, since I'd already worked THIRTY hours last week (I'm paid to work twenty) but Friday morning I woke up with a cold. So I would have had to take the day off anyway. I hate getting sick. For one thing, this is taking me twice as long as usual to type. It's like I've forgotten where the keys are. Snape was being really nice to me yesterday but I guess she senses that I'm getting a little better (my temperature's down to 100.7!) so today she's biting me again. I get sick too often. And at the worst times. My brown belt test is next week! I know my form but I should be doing more cardio. I'm hoping that if I just get plenty of rest, I'll be better by Monday. I have a healthier lifestyle than just about anyone I know: no meat, plenty of vegetables, beans, rice, I take vitamins just about every day, I get plenty of exercise, I don't smoke, I hardly drink, I get enough sleep. And I get sick more often than a lot of my friends. Doesn't make any freaking sense.

When I get sick, I get bored and I'm in a really crappy mood. And some stuff I set up at work Thursday didn't work and it was just the stupid capillary tube. So John changed the capillary and it worked fine. I had no way of knowing beforehand that it wouldn't work. So it wasn't my fault but it still bugs me that I spent days getting it all set up and then it didn't work the first time.

And why is it that when I'm sick, I have to go and turn on the TV and see Kylie Minogue shaking her perfect little ass and it just makes me feel ten times crappier than before? Doesn't help that my skin looks all crummy right now. I don't even know why. It just tends to happen when I'm sick, though I've been washing my face and everything as usual. I turn on the TV because I'm bored. Even reading makes me tired. I'm re-reading the Earthsea books. I left A Wizard of Earthsea and Tales from Earthsea at my parents' house and I'm already 2/3 through The Other Wind (having read them in order, skipping the first one). So I'll have to find something else to read soon. Maybe Wheel of Time will keep me occupied. I never even read Winter's Heart. By now, though, I should probably skim the others, so I know who's where. It was hard enough to keep track even when it was fresh in my mind. You practically have to make a freaking map with little pins in it.

Edit: ahh, but this thing I saw in [ profile] mlyn's journal cheered me up: go to Google, type "miserable failure" and hit "I feel lucky." My throat is all the sorer from laughing but it was worth it.
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I should probably be working right now. But there isn't a whole lot to do. We need to order some new primers but we've been having some problems with getting orders processed. Dr. Smith went up to the department office to whup them into shape. So I'm sitting here, waiting for my gel to polymerize and my tea to brew. Here's a quiz:

find your queer
as folk personality

When I saw the answer choices, I knew I'd be Justin. I wanna be Brian. I just need to work on being more vain. I want some new shoes. And I want to be able to draw comics like Justin. I just saw the episode where he and Michael start the comic based on Brian. That's cool. I thought about that - doing a comic where my friends and I are superheroes. My friend Jackie once wrote this whole long anime/fantasy story like that. Maybe we could do it together. Yeah, like with all the free time I have right now.

I went to class last night. Boring as usual. Oh well. I'm probably going to write a program for work. That'll be cool. Just a simple thing to analyze sequences so we can identify STRs and design some new primers, specifically for macaques. They're working on sequencing the macaque genome, you know. Pretty cool. Oh, I'm supposed to be looking for articles, aren't I? Aw, John said to run the gel first. And it's not quite ready. Almost. Ok, maybe about now. What the heck. There really isn't much to do today.
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I'm at work. Hanging around waiting for a gel to polymerize. I've been busy, busy, busy lately. And I'm trying to get a lot done before the weekend, of course, so I can read Order of the Phoenix. In one sitting.
I have my purple belt test today in TKD. And I'm going to be making a website for UC Davis Choice USA. I'm actually pretty close to finishing my comic (finally). I'm about halfway through drawing the last page. Then I'll have to color it but that shouldn't take too long. I'm beginning to doubt that I'll get it done before I get my hands on OotP - on Friday at midnight, naturally. But I'll probably finish this weekend. Yay!
I'm taking a class in Visual Basic. It's ok but there are too many people. But I already know some VB so it's pretty easy. I'm also teaching myself PHP. So I'm hoping to get some cool, interactive stuff on my site soon. After I've read Harry Potter.
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I forgot to mention before: I got a job. Woo hoo! It's great: I'll be doing genetics stuff with these grad students I know in the Anthro department at UCD. Yay! I start some time next week.
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I've officially started looking for a job. I hate all the crap with waiting for people to call you back and waiting for appointments and stuff. I have a degree in biochem! and I'm good with computers! somebody hire me! this is just a sucky time to be looking for a job.

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