Jan. 23rd, 2011

my map!

Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:04 pm
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I installed the Overviewer 3rd party mapping program for Minecraft, which makes high-res zoomable maps of your Minecraft worlds. It took 3 hours to run (it'll take less time now that it's done the first one). Here's my world!

I don't know why that narrow strip of land is there at the upper right. That might be a mistake.

two more, zoomed in )
There's also a farm cottage and a signal tower. The manor house is built into the side of the mountain and I'm going to expand that so it has more hidden rooms in the mountain. The village is located on the bay on that big landmass on the far right. On that finger of water between the big chunk with trees on the right and a smaller desert island on the left of it. And I just completed the tunnel connecting this village to the castle and have laid down mine cart tracks through about half of it.
gmonkey42: cartoon Sephiroth (Default)
Because starting tomorrow, it's all business. I have to get Student Body stuff ready for the meeting, which will be my last act as Student Body President! Wooo!

And then classes start on Wednesday. And my new roommate is moving in Friday!

Meanwhile, here are some more Minecraft pics.

I found a floating island!

What could be up there? TREASURE?

more pics! )

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