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[personal profile] gmonkey42 posits that Amazonfail is most likely the result of Epic Trolling, not an employee deciding to change the policy, and they say Strikethrough2007 was another example of this.

The problem is it's still not just the trolls who are responsible; SixApart (and possibly Amazon?) still made the decision to ban/censor things that shouldn't have been banned/censored. And Amazon's reps lied at some point - either "Ashlyn D" lied and it really was a "glitch," or she was telling the truth and now they're lying about it being unintentional.

...I was going to say "it would be different if users could create their own tags and a bunch of people inaccurately tagged hundreds of books in order to get them classified as 'adult'" but apparently you can create your own tags. (I thought I'd better check before I said it.) But still, the choices are:

1. Tagging hundreds of books, which Amazon wouldn't notice until people complained (which some authors have been doing since February) and when they noticed they'd probably fix it.

Or 2. convincing someone at Amazon to make the change, and Member Services is aware of the policy and defends it when questioned.

I'm pretty sure all the evidence points to 2.

Bottom line, I don't care whether Amazon was motivated by actual homophobes or anarchic, we-don't-care-who-we-offend trolls; Amazon thought it was OK to send everyone the message that gay equals pornographic and that is not OK.

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