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My housemate and I had a yard sale this weekend and it went pretty well! We still have some toys and clothes and several boxes of books & VHS tapes left over but someone actually bought my VHS player! And my wardrobe, microwave, lamp and bike. I sold the bike to my neighbor's son. I didn't have the heart to tell him it's a ladies' bike. But he's about 11, surely he knows and just didn't care because hey, $5 bike! I hope that's the case.

Also a neighbor had a small TV and another microwave that he was going to take to the thrift store but he gave it to us instead and said we could keep the money if we sold them. We did! For $5 each.

AND right at the beginning, Saturday morning before we had even finished setting up, someone came and bought all my Legos and My Little Ponies for $125!

I made about $300 total. W00T! We're going to take the leftover stuff to the used book store and the thrift store.

And now I can take a break! Tomorrow it's all pizza and Minecraft. I'm going to the store tonight (need milk) and I'll get some snacks so I don't even have to leave the house tomorrow.
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