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I'm still using LJ as my primary blog but I still want to cross-post here too, for my friends who've moved here and aren't on LJ any more.

I'm actually going to the lab tomorrow. I haven't been there since the week before Thanksgiving break, since I went to Vegas the weekend before Thanksgiving. And was still in slacking-off mode for the two days between returning and being off again for Thanksgiving.

I've been doing housework instead, I did some organizing in the garage and I'm making progress on making the box storage room into an office. It's actually empty and painted now, the next step is to put up the curtains and start moving furniture in. Today I spent probably over an hour on masking then painting the metal grommets on the curtains so I could spraypaint them brown instead of the original silver. That's going to go a lot better with the mushroom-colored walls. I have a rubbed bronze (dark brown) curtain rod to match.

The next hurdle will be to get my former housemate's stuff into storage. I said he could store some stuff here since he's living & working on a boat for this year but it was a lot more than I expected and it's time for him to rent a storage locker for it, I can't store it here indefinitely. For now, I'll try to clear enough space in the garage that it can all go in one place there, then it will be easy to load it up and move it. It would require several car trips, we both have small cars. I wonder if storage places have cheap pickup truck rentals.
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